One of the biggest World of Warcraft’s legends, Rextroy, managed to bring the Classic broken Reckoning Paladin back to Shadowlands.

World of Warcraft: Classic

For all of you that don’t know what I’m talking about, back in Vanilla, Paladins had a passive called Reckoning. Reckoning gave the Paladin one extra attack for each time he was critically hit. Problem is, that the effect could stack an infinite amount of times, literally giving the Paladin a one-shot burst auto-attack. Usually, Paladins entered duels with rogues with white daggers and sat down in order to get 100% critical hit. With that tactic they managed to get an insane amount of Reckoning stacks leading to some insane 1vs1 world boss kills like Doom Lord Kazzak.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Rextroy brought that bug back in Shadowlands pre-patch with a good mix of Azerite Traits, Reckoning and Essences. “An ancient talent has finally returned to Retail, Reckoning! Along with the ability to sit down and get crit to empower our auto hit. Thanks to some clever use of change specialization mechanics, we are going to empower it even further… All of this, to create the perfect Classic Paladin in Retail!” says Rextroy.

The key part here, is Aura of Reckoning (a Retribution PVP Talent) that will persist even if you spec to Protection. With the tank spec, you will have access to some damage increasing buffs like the Protection Mastery, Avenger’s Might, Soaring Shield, Fight of Flight and Seraphim, You need an average of 50 Reckoning stacks before swapping into Protection though. However, If you want more information about the Classic Shadowlands Paladin you can check Rextroy’s video embedded above.

Rextroy has pulled similar tricks in the past, with his Battle For Azeroth’ Trinkets oneshots. In addition, be sure to read the rumors about a Classic Burning Crusade. Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed the article and want to support the site, feel free to throw a like at our official facebook page.

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