Yes it is true. A Dark Souls mod that brings guns to our favorite game. It’s the ideal easy mode for FPS players looking to try out one of these wacky RPGs the kids won’t quit talking about these days.

Modern Firearm is a Dark Souls 3 mod that replaces ranged weapons with all kind of guns, ranging from AK-47s to Sniper Rifles. Of course, using guns in a game like that is completely unbalanced, but why use mods in the first place if you dont like them. Special thanks to Asasasasasbc for the video that is embeded below.


Keep in mind, that every firearm, except the sniper, has two firing modes as well. If you use the weapon with two hands you will set automatic fire, resulting in less damage and accuracy but lower stamina cost. If you use the weapon with one hand you will set semi-automatic firing mode, resulting in higher damage and accuracy but increasing the stamina cost as well. Here is a list of all the weapons in that mod.

  • Light crossbow: Vector SBR
  • Heavy crossbow: AK-47
  • Knight crossbow: M16
  • Repeating crossbow: Thompson SMG
  • Sniper crossbow: Sniper rifle
  • Avelyn: MP5
  • Arbalest: Shotgun

The “bullets” are still arrows but with the increased fire rates and sound effects, the experience still feels good. Installing everything via the Dark Souls 3 mod engine is a good idea since it blocks the game from connecting to the network, which otherwise can result in a ban. Be sure to also check Asasasasasbc’s Leon Kennedy armor mod too. It replaces the Fallen Knight set with the skin, bones, and RPD attire of Leon from the Resident Evil 2 Remake.

Looks like gun modes in RPGs are very popular these days, with a Witcher 3 Gun Mod making its debut the previous week. In addition, this month we are doing our site’s second giveaway with Overcooked! 2 and Guacamelee Super Turbo Championship Edition for Steam.

Foivos Karkanis

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