Medievil Remake for PlayStation 4 has a hidden PS1 emulator inside the base game.

The popular modder Lance McDonald made a tweet about an interesting easter egg for Medievil Remake. According to the modder, the PlayStation 4 Medievil Remake allows you to unlock the original PlayStation 1 game for some good ol’ nostalgia times. Unfortunately, the only thing this emulator does is creating a Medievl PlayStation 1 environment for the player. There are no levels, skins or anything else added.

In order to unlock this easter egg you have to complete all 19 souls challenges which is not an easy feat for a casual player. Lance tried running other games on that emulator, like Silent Hill, but it looks like Medievil is the only game that works. “Syphon Filter doesn’t even get past the 989 Studios logo,” McDonald continues. “Wild Arms gets to the main menu but no further. Seems like a bust to me. I had to patch some breakpoints out of the emulator to even get Silent Hill as far as you saw above. I’m not really gonna look any closer at it.”

We remind you that PlayStation does not offer backwards compatibility so this hidden emulator is pretty rare. On the other hand, PlayStation 3 has a software emulator, which means you can put in any disc and it works. But the PlayStation 4 drive doesn’t support CDs, so Sony’s latest console can’t do it.

On another piece of news, the PS5 box art is announced along with some stunning screenshots of Demons Souls Remake.

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