You can now play your favorite Demon’s Souls title online using the PlayStation 3 multiplayer emulator, RPCS3.

RPCS3 uses a PSN emulation along with a PSN server replacement tool called RPCN. RPCN interupts the original PSN server connection and swaps the server with a private one. This emulator was first introduced in Reddit by Sentuh. With RPCS3, players can experience Demon’s Souls multiplayer once more and the best part is that it can be applied to other older games as well. The developer of this emulator is GalCiv who is already working on improving the RPCN and expanding it to cover a wide variety of games. At the moment, only Demon’s Souls and Bomberman Ultra are available to emulate but there is no doubt that more titles will be added soon.

In order to connect to the private server, you need to follow some simple steps that are presented below.

Instructions for RPCS3 users (Demon’s Souls Specific)

To play Demon’s Souls online on RPCS3 you need:

RPCS3 Emulator Build

This is a specific build. The update hasn’t been pushed ‘live’ yet. Extract the zip, extract the zip inside and use the emulator build within it.

With this at hand:

  • First, create a custom configuration of your game, proceed into the **Network settings and set the following options as said:

  1. Network Status to Connected

  2. PSN Status to RPCN

  3. NPID and Password to your preferred username and password

  4. DNS to

  5. Host to:

6. IP/Host switches to:

Once ALL of this is set click Create RPCN Account and you should get a message telling you that the account was successfully created.

The only downside of the emulator is that it will not allow RPCS3 players to share ghosts with the PS3 players. However, message sharing, bloodstains and the cross-platform play works perfectly. In my opinion, this multiplayer emulator is huge news for the gaming industry, as it will allow the ressurrection of many other older multiplayer games, like Demon’s Souls, that have officialy lost their PSN support. PS3 users can also play online thanks to

Foivos Karkanis

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