A leak in the Russian Uplay store confirms the remake of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.

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[Original Post 4/5/2020] A Prince of Persia domain was registered by Ubisoft

After the huge success of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’ announcement, the company filed a petition to register the domain princeofpersia6.com. We don’t know yet if our beloved action-adventure is coming back, but the name of this domain is maybe “spilling the beans” prematurely. With all these next-gen consoles around the corner, it is possible that Ubisoft may be developing a brand new Prince of Persia 6. In case you’ve never heard of Prince of Persia, you can find a brief introduction below.

Prince of Persia is a video game franchise built around a series of action-adventure games focused on various incarnations of the eponymous Prince. The games have been developed and published by several different companies. The first two games in the series were published by Brøderbund. The 3D version of the game and the first title to use 3D computer graphics, was developed by Red Orb Entertainment and Avalanche Software. Ubisoft began developing and publishing the series in 2003 with The Sands of Time. The series has been rebooted twice since its acquisition by Ubisoft, and has been made into a film. The franchise also includes a graphic novel and a Lego-line. The Assassin’s Creed video game series is the spiritual successor to Prince of Persia.

[UPDATE 1 – 5/5/2020] Leaked footage of new Prince of Persia was on YouTube for eight years

Ubisoft never officially announced a new Prince of Persia, but it looks like that the company was working on a new title for the franchise back in 2011. The LinkedIn page for Christophe Prelot, a former level artist at Ubisoft Montreal, has the project listed as well. The real deal is a YouTube video back from 2012 that teases a game named Prince of Persia Redemption. You can watch the footage below which, surprisingly, is pretty good for 2012. If you are not yet convinced, Marc-Andre Belleau who works at Ubisoft as a technical designer made a YouTube comment on this video back in 2018 making it clear that hr recognised the game when he came across the video.

[UPDATE 2 – 10/9/2020] A leak in the Russian Uplay store confirms the remake of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.

Looks like the above rumors were true and Ubisoft plans on remaking the 2003 masterpiece of the franchise. According to a listing on the Russian Uplay store, The Sands of Time is will be getting a remake really soon. The leak was first spotted by AndrewDTF on ResetEra and it shows a banner and a brief video of the upcoming game. There is still no official confirmation from Ubisoft so take these rumors with a pinch of salt.

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