Several months after its release, The Last of Us Part 2 fans found another easter egg in the form of a cool animation.

It looks like that Ellie is capable of catching ammo mid-air after dealing a killing blow to an enemy. Redditor onlylaiden uploaded a short video where Ellie is shown grabbing the ammo by reaching into the air casually after she had just shotgunned an enemy in the face. Our hero manages to grab the bullet case before her enemy touches the ground like she’s done it some thousand times before. If you watch it in normal mode you will probably lose it, but its really impressive to check it in slow motion.

Ellie can catch ammo in the air if you press 🔼 quickly from thelastofus

If you want to be such a badass zombie-killer, all you have to do is time a sequence really well followed by the press of the triangle button. The animation is really cool, and for one more time, The Last of Us Part 2 proves that it was worth the hype. We have embedded the clip for you below in case that you’ve missed it.

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