Witcher 3 is an amazing game, set in a medievil-like era, with a rich world full of beautiful stories and lore. However, what the Witcher 3 really lacks is… GUNS!?! A Witcher 3 mod introduces guns to CD Projekt’s Red masterpiece.

The combat system of the Witcher is, in my opinion, the only weak point of the franchise. Geralt’s swords movement doesn’t feel as smooth as it should be for a title of that caliber. But what about his guns? Roenaxx’s Witcher 3 mod, Firearms, enhance the Witcher’s combat with some added firepower. In this mod, the player has access to ten new well designed flintlock style pistols. In addition, there are also seven different types of ammo that you can choose depending on your playstyle and the difficulty. Guns and ammo can be crafted with some special recipes called diagrams.

You can craft your first pistol around level 10 with the dueling pistol diagram. As you advance deeper into the game, you will gain access to bigger guns with beautiful artworks and animations. If you are too bored to craft your own weapon, you can cheat and spawn it with a simple console command. The rounds that these guns uses have more damage than the average crossbow, but they are not enough to completely replace your swords. The creator, Roenaxx, says on the mod description page that they are “instead better used as a ‘finisher’ type weapon”.

These flintlock old-school pistols, with a perfect reload time and limited ammo are a perfect addition to the Witcher Universe adding some extra firepower in Geralt’s arsenal. Sadly, firearms make no sense in the Witcher’s lore so my guess is that they will never be officialy added to the game. The Witcher code doesn’t approve of sneaky ranged weapons like a freaking pistol.

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Foivos Karkanis

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