Meeting the team of The Art of Review is pretty easy because it consists of only 5 people. We conceived the idea for this website in February of 2020 with the objective to turn it into a Greek review site. As time passed by and we continued to advance we reconsidered our options and decided to publish all articles in English. This has been challenging since we have never written reviews in English, admittedly it was a pretty demanding task especially in the beginning. The main concept behind The Art of Review is that of a website that will provide the reader with important information he needs in summary concerning the game. As you may have noticed, each review we provide does not require more than 5 minutes to read. What we are trying to accomplish is to lay out the game’s plot, gameplay as well as the graphics and sound.

Foivos Karkanis

The site’s main author. Finished mathematics in National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. A variety gamer from the age of 6, was working on the greek review site gameworld.gr and he is currently employed as a maths teacher. When he is not writing incorrect reviews with his poor english, you can find him wasting his time with some outdated games.

Vyronas Mantzaris

The site’s designer. With a huge interest in coding and gaming from his early years, playing one of the worst Amumus in LoL, he is currently working in a greek web-design company. He built Art of Review from scratch and he is the guy we call when we destroy the site by mistake.

Manos Xaritos

The guy that actually knows some english. If it wasn’t for him, reviews would be incomprehensible. An (almost) native Arabic and Japanese speaker, he finished mathematics in National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and he is currently uneployed and in the verge of bankruptcy. Most of his time he is watching animes with some breaks to watch animes.

Adam Butler

The video reviewer. Adam is a gamer with nearly three decades of experience. Growing up with Nintendo and Super Mario Bros., he’s now taken his love of gaming to PC and enjoys writing reviews for old classics and new gems alike. There are few genres Adam won’t play, but he especially loves Metroidvanias, RPGs, strategy, and platformers. He is also the best “freebies” scout.

Theodora Psatha

A self-taught artist and gamer, she studied nursing at University of West Atttica. When she is not searching for news or doing some artworks, she loves failing Mythic+ keys in World of Warcraft with her undergeared Holy Priest. Diablo 2 is her favorite game.