Several years after its release, a small The Last of Us Easter egg was spotted on Uncharted 4.

While Naughty Dog is the company behind both of these great games, they take place in entirely different universes. However, two days ago, Redditor kheinrichs547 found out an Uncharted 4 moment where the player is holding a pill bottle from Weston’s Pharmacy.

For those of you who haven’t played the game, Weston’s Pharmacy is an optional location you’ll find near to the end of The Seraphites chapter, as Ellie closes in on the hospital. You’ll find it shortly after the boss encounter with the Scar armed with a pickaxe. Shortly after, Ellie will take note of her proximity to the hospital, and you’ll be tasked with climbing down a ladder and dropping into some water. To the left of this area, above the flooding, you’ll see the pharmacy.

However, this is not the only Easter egg, as Weston’s Pharmacy was also mentioned in the original Last of Us game and in its DLC (Left Behind). It is very interesting that even after 5 years, players continue to find small details like those. In other news be sure to check this “behind the scenes” article followed by the history of the Rat King in the Last of Us.

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