A new Witcher 3 Mod creates a more realistic world of the popular RPG title.

Yesterday, the Youtuber Halk Hogan uploaded footage presenting this new custom Witcher 3 Mod that completely revamps, nearly, every aspect of the game. This new mod is named The Witcher 3 HD Reworked mod, version 12.0 and you can find it on nexusmods. We have embeded the video below for you to watch. The impressive thing is, that according to its creators, we are going to see a lot of new features that are not included in the video.

“HDRP 12.0 is a huge update which changes a lot of textures, models, and more, with even better quality than before. In this video you will see only a few of them, but it is enough to show what HDRP can do, and how much The Witcher 3 can be beautiful. All screenshots, before and after, are captured in 4K on Ultra settings with Halk Ultra HD config. Everything is still WIP (work-in-progress), so it may look slightly different at the release.”

As you can see the level of detail is impressive and doodads like trees or grain looks way more realistic. Almost everything got reworked including Terrain, Buildings, Rocks, Water, the NPCs, Animals and… Geralt’s hair. Some of the main mod’s features and screenshots are also presented below.

Features and Screenshots

– very high quality detailed textures with great sharpness and performance, without any unnecessary VRAM losses (no unnecessary big textures for small stuff)
– very high quality accurate normal maps, a lot of them is baked from high poly meshes, these normals combined with detail normalmaps giving amazing look with almost any performance hit!
– high quality meshes with a lot of details, a lot of them are created from scratch, good optimization is preserved
– better objects LODs ( Level of Detail), rendering distance of some objects are slightly increased
– specially customized materials for all reworked stuff
– everything consistent with the original CDPR artistic vision

If you liked the mod and want to support the team, you can download it here and see how the graphics overhaul works in real-time. In addition, if you are interested, this month, we doing our first site giveaway with Witcher 3, Green Hell and Fight of Animals on Steam.

Foivos Karkanis

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