The following article is about the social deduction game Throne of Lies and we are going to do an in depth analysis about a class of the Blue Dragon faction, the Knight. I start with him because it’s one of the easiest but important classes in the game. The Knight is a Killer class, vital for defending the Blue Dragon faction. Obviously his win condition is to discover and defeat all opposing faction members that wish to cause harm to the Blue Dragon.

Passive Abilities

  • Armored : Your armor will protect you from the 1st attacker blocked by Defend.

This passive will allow you to live to fight another day when you are killed in the night while defending another player. (Defend is explained below)

Day Abilities

The Knight does not have any day abilities so grab the chance to socialize or check dead people logs during the day. Sometimes clues don’t require any abilities in order to find them.

Night Abilities

  • Defend : Defend target player, trading your life to kill their attackers. You, and anyone you kill, will be unhealable.

Your signature defensive ability will allow you to choose a player to protect every night. You have infinity charges in that spell. The first time you successfully defend someone, your passive will kick in and save you. Keep in mind that in the second successful defend, you will die along with the attacker. A very important element of that ability is that it bypasses Death Immunity. You can literally kill anyone that will attack the target of your Defend.

  • Cold Steel : Attack target player. If you harmed an ally, you will take your own life. Not usable until Night 3.

Knight’s offensive option. Be very careful who you target with that spell. If you kill an ally, you will also suicide and Blue Dragon will lose two members in the same time. The damage from suicide is unhealable which means that your chance of dieing is very high, should you fail to Cold Steel the correct target. Another important part of this, is that it cannot be redirected. If someone redirects you, the ability will simply cancel protecting you from harming innocent people by mistake.

General Tips:

  • Knights are very easily executed during the day because 90% of the killers (Neutrals or not) claim Knights. This class is one of the most usual fake claims due to it’s simple logs. Try to prove yourself as early as you can.
  • Defend confirmed targets. If you know who the Prince is you have to Defend him all the time. Same goes for a good Blue Dragon player that contributes towards wining the game.
  • Use Cold Steel wisely. If you miss it, you will probably lose the game. You can risk it on a neutral player but be 100% sure that the player is not Blue Dragon.
  • Succeeding a good Defense is a good way to prove yourself. Try to find out who is in danger.

Throne of Lies is a 3D online multiplayer game by Imperium42 Game Studio, where between 8 and 16 players must combine their social deduction skills with over 100 abilities to root out the traitors at the table and stop their foes from taking control of the kingdom. If you are interested about the game be sure to read our small Throne of Lies Review.

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