We conceived the idea for this website in February of 2020 with the objective to turn it into a Greek reviews/news site. As time passed by and we continued to advance we reconsidered our options and decided to publish all articles in English. This has been challenging since we have never written reviews/news in English and admittedly it was a pretty demanding task especially in the beginning.

We plan on making one giveaway per month. Our second giveaway consists of two games and there will be two separate winners. At the moment, we have mainly Steam keys but in the future we will probably add some PlayStation / Xbox keys as well. The next giveaway begins right after this giveaway ends.

You can find the second giveaway winners here.

August 2020 Giveaway

For July we are giving away:

  1. Universe Sandbox (Steam Key)
  2. Skull The Hero Slayer (Steam Key)

How can I participate in this Giveaway?

There are three easy steps in order for you to participate

Step 1 : Open this link (It will take you to the original giveaway post in our Facebook Page)

Step 2: Like our Facebook Page

Step 3: Tag two friends in the comments (in the facebook giveaway post)

How this Giveaway works?

At the end of the month we will select two people randomly from the comment list. The first one will win the first prize, the second one will win the second prize etc. We will announce the names in this article + in the original facebook post and we will also /pm the winners with the keys. The names will be announced at 18:00 GMT September 3rd 2020. For any question feel free to message us on facebook. Our next giveaway will begin the same day.

Requisites for participating?

You just need a facebook account to like our Facebook page and tag a friend.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Giant Army for the Universe Sandbox key and to Adam the Fanatic for the Skul the Hero Slayer Review.

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