A very interesting feature is coming to Baldur’s Gate 3, allowing viewers to help streamers in their “Dungeons and Dragons” journey.

Twitch and YouTube are teaming up with Larian Studios to create an awesome Baldur’s Gate 3 experience that will give streamers the ability to act as dungeon masters by letting viewers pick the in-game dialogue options. This streaming platforms’ intergration was announced yesterday for PC and Stadia and will allow viewers to vote on the dialogue options of many important in-game conversations. Streamers will be able to see the votes and the percentages of each decision and then act accordingly. However, they are not forced to follow these choices.

Stadia will use its Crowd Choise feature to help with that mechanic, while Twitch will use a similar addon that will be available through Twitch integration. Viewers will also have the ability to check the streamer’s skills, statistics and inventory. In addition, the developers will also create a new genre of budget cinematics that will use a mix of performance capture and “bespoke adaptive cameras” to make every character moment cinematic. A small note here, remember NOT to pre-order the game yet.

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Foivos Karkanis

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