Black Desert Online is already an immensely popular MMO, and its collectible community is about to be united thanks to cross-play support on Xbox One and PS4

The feature will be implemented on March 4, letting players on the two consoles party up and adventure together in the enormous map of the game.  Black Desert Online officially launched in 2015 for PC’s and last year for both consoles, but the two platforms were kept restricted, as is the case with most games on Xbox One and PS4. The PC version will still be separate from the other two. However, the game is quite popular on consoles, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find friends across any platform.

Black Desert Online also has a mobile version called Black Desert Online Mobile. Unlike its big siblings, the mobile version is free, and it features very similar features and gameplay.

You can read more about the game on our small review of the Black Desert Online and play together with us on Steam.

Foivos Karkanis

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