[UPDATE] After two reliable sources confirmed a  World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic Beta for 2021, Blizzard has updated its Battle.net Catalog.

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[Original Post – 30/3/2020] Blizzard created a survey to ask some World of Warcraft Classic players for their opinion on the creation of a Classic Burning Crusade.

The poll adressed a number of issues but the important part was the questions about the Classic expansion. The first of two questions is simply a gauge of interest in “a ‘Classic’ version of The Burning Crusade,” with response options ranging from “Not at all interested” to “Extremely interested.” The second polls players on how they’d envision starting in “Classic” Burning Crusade. Although this is not confirmed information about a classic version of TBC, we can safely assume that Blizzard will think about it, especially after the huge sucess World of Warcraft Classic had.

[UPDATE 1 – 22/9/2020] Two, new, reliable sources already confirm a  World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic Beta for 2021.

Nano from the Nostalrium project made a tweet, stating that Phase 6 of Classic WoW (Naxxramas) will be released on early December 2020 followed by the Burning Crusade’s Classic Beta release in March 2021. According to Barrens Chat, Nano had a second source confirming Phase 6 launch along with some details about a Classic Burning Crusade. Keep in mind that nothing is officialy confirmed yet by Blizzard, so take these rumors with a pinch of salt.

[UPDATE 2 – 23/10/2020] Classic Beta is back to the Battle.net Catalog.

Looks like Classic Beta is back on the menu boys. Today, Blizzard has added a Classic Beta client to its Battle.net Catalog. Right now, it looks outdated and is marked as deprecated but it is a sign that the company is preparing to release a Classic Beta testing. Combined with the leaks above, about a Burning Crusade Classic Beta in 2021, there is only one question. ARE YOU PREPARED?


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