Since 2018, thanks to Sanadsk and Zullie, a lot of code have been found in Bloodborne, indicating the existence of a “cut” boss named Great One Beast.

The Bloodborne duo managed to dig up some old code that described a creepy behemoth with red eyes and long fur. Unfortunately, the boss wasn’t introduced properly into the game by FromSoftware or the fans until today. In the past, thanks to the restored coding and save-editing wizardry done by a mod, players were able to spawn the Great One Beast at Chalice Dungeon. The model of the beast looks like a mixture of the Nightmare’s and Loran Silverbeasts’ models. Sadly, Great One Beast was a poor boss fight, with two predictable attack patterns and zero mechanics.

Some days ago, a new modder by the name of Foxy Hooligans managed to work on the Bloodborne code created in the past by Sanadsk and created a fully functional and playable boss fight featuring Great One Beast boss. “Those who follow the cut content of Bloodborne know about the Great One Beast. What is left in the game isn’t much, low resolution textures and many attacks lacking visuals. With this mod, you can fight this boss as the developers would have intended.” Foxy stated on the description of his mod.

However, in order to access Foxy’s work, you need a modded PS4. If you are not the owner of a modded PS4, you can check the video above for the final result. The Great One Beast is back in the Chalice Dungeon ready to tear you to pieces. Are you prepared to face the bloodthirsty secret that Bloodborne’s code was hiding all this time?

In other news, be sure to check this old cut Bloodborne video and Yarntown: a 16-Bit version of Bloodborne.

Foivos Karkanis


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