Borderlands 3 DLC brings again some new meme references including the boss SpongeBoss BulletPants.

This new miniboss is obviously a reference to the cartoon’s character SpongeBob SquarePants and it is worth seeking out if you want a hard fight with some cool mechanics. SpongeBoss BulletPants is located in the Castle Crismon, a region in the latest Borderlands 3 DLC, just before the third catapult. He is inside a pineapple-shaped meat house that is really hard to miss.

SpongeBoss has a default bubble attack that will kill you pretty fast if you don’t dodge most of the shots. In addition, he also transforms into SpongeBoss NoChance but its possible to kill him before he goes into that mode. However, if you don’t manage to burst him fast enough, he will eventually transform and it will be nearly impossible to beat him. The best strategy is to use a good grenade/rocket launcher with a fast reload speed so you can dodge the boss while damaging him. Time is not your ally, so you better be fast. A good idea is also to open all the chests outside his house so you can run to them mid-fight in order to replenish your ammunition.

There is also a chicken tactic where you can kite him back to Krieg near the catapult and he will kill him for you. Sadly, the boss doesn’t drop any good loot or have any special achievement yet. In other looter-shooter news, The Division 2 has released a series of maintenance update patches, greatly improving the gameplay.

Foivos Karkanis


  • KoD226
    Posted 25th October 2020 9:01 pm 0Likes

    He does have a drop and it’s really good. He drops the P A.T. MKIII

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