Activision removed the “Ice Drake” skin from the Call of Duty shop, due to several glitches and bugs that it caused.

The “Ice Drake” skin is part of the NecroKing bundle (2400 COD Points or £16.79) and was released three days ago. This cosmetic turned Krig 6 into an ice dragon with wings, scary special effects and icy… fire. In addition, should the player inspect their weapon, the skin would cause the weapon to fly mid-air. Unfortunately, several players realized that the skin was bugged, having several problems like use of the wrong barrel or absence of the blue glow that it original had. Sometimes, “Ice Drake” would totally crash, making the weapon not rendering at all.

In a recent tweet, Activision stated that the barrel bug occurred when the player used the default barrel on the Ice Drake blueprint. A fast way to solve it is by attaching a 16.5″ Ultralight barrel but this is just a temporary solution. To avoid more reports, the company pulled the bundle from the shop in order to investigate further and correct these minor problems. At least there are no more Stim victories.

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Foivos Karkanis

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