Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone will be getting a 16-bit DLC pack this week.

The new DLC will add new weapon skins like the Commodore AR and the Genesis SMG as well as a 16-bit death effect. This special effect shows killed enemies explode in a shower of 16-bit pixels. This addition has caused a debate in the Call of Duty community regarding the realism of the COD games.

New 16-bit pack let’s you satisfyingly delete the roof top campers from modernwarfare

Some fans believe that the game should be a realistic military war experience and not some funny 16-bit joke. On the other hand, let’s be honest, Call of Duty has never been realistic. The problem is that Infinity Ward described Modern Warfare as a gritty and realistic game that will create a unique warzone experience via a system of incedibly realistic weapons and detailed map designs.

Insane reload animations, perfect audio, authentic recoil, smooth movement and much more, Modern Warfare trully has the whole package for a realistic game. However, this later addition of tracer effects and unhuman takedowns are entirely unrealistic. Keep in mind that some days ago, the developers added a bat called Edward for Halloween. Edward works as a finishing move that lets you send a bat to attack your enemies until their head explodes.

Below you can check a part of the Call of Duty’s community debate:

“COD has never and will never be about realism,” Theycallmemrlurker stated. “Their graphics and sounds? Maybe. But gameplay wise? No.”

“The game was advertised with one aesthetic and now we are switching to something entirely different,” Lead_Sails posted on Reddit. “It would be like adding hyper realistic graphics to Fortnite; it visually clashes and doesn’t fit.”

“I always felt like in the previous games, multiplayer is the distant weapon fire you hear a few blocks away from where the single-player is,” multiplayer director Smith said. “We all share the same world, and they set the scene. But we’re a different play space and a different vibe. And it goes across trying to create this big breadth of content, with different things for different people. It’s just a different experience.”

“It’s not realistic, arma is. It’s authentic. Well, it was. Now it’s back to the silly cod artstyle which is just childish cancer imo” malakovic stated.

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