Call of Duty: Warzone contains a series of secrets and easter eggs causing huge hype to the players. One of the most popular challenges are those loot bunkers. Apex Legends and Fortnite have already adopted the vault hunt system, so it was expected that we are going to see it in Infinity Ward’s Battle Royale as well.

In order to unlock these vaults, you will need to scour the entire map and it will be a pretty demanding task without a guide. However, our savior Harry Shepherd from PCgamer managed to find all 12 Call of Duty: Warzone bunkers locations and the means to unlock them. This includes the mysterious Warzone Bunker 11. Without further ado, let’s discover some bunkers.

Red Access Card

First of all you will need a Red Access Card, This card has a low chance to drop from in-game legendary crates. Next thing you wanna do is discover a bunker. Be extra careful because, these days, bunkers are populated with a ton of players. Every bunker has a keypad on the right side of its door. You can insert your access card there, causing the yellow bars to unlock. The door will open and the loot behind it is all yours.

Warzone bunker locations

Below you can see the map with all the bunker locations along with some extra info on them.

  • 00: On the coast south of Promenade West, head down the cliff as if you’re going out of bounds to find the path to this mischievously hidden spot.
  • 01: North of the go kart track and southwest of Boneyard.
  • 02: Drive north along the road from the previous bunker.
  • 03: Right next to bunker 02, but you’ll need to drop through a trap door.
  • 04: Southeast of Dam, in the cliffs above the large Russian sign.
  • 05: On the west side of Crash Site.
  • 06: On the far east side of the map between Quarry and Lumber, above the train tunnel.
  • 07: East of TV station, northeast of Stadium. Look for another trap door.
  • 08: Opposite bunker 07, head down the steps inside.
  • 09: Northeast of Prison, cut into the cliff below the bridge.
  • 10: South of Tavorsk Park on Verdansk’s southern edge.

    Bunker 11 and phone locations

    Bunker 11 is located northwest of Military Base. However, you can’t acess Bunker 11 with the traditional method. In order to open the mysterious bunker you will need to make some phone calls. Most will just have a dial tone when you call them, but the ones you’re looking for will give you three numbers that correspond to another set of phones you need to ring. Unfortunately, the numbers are in Russian. Let’s thank Harry Sepherd again for translating them for us.


    So, here are the numbers 1-9 in Russian:

    • 0: ноль (“nohl”)
    • 1: один (“a-deen”)
    • 2: два (“dva”)
    • 3: три (“tree”)
    • 4: четыре (“chye-tir-ye”)
    • 5: пять (“pyat”)
    • 6: шесть (“shest”)
    • 7: семь (“syem”)
    • 8: восемь (“vo-syem”)
    • 9: девять (“dyev-yat”)


After you find out what are the three Russian numbers that you need, your team needs to split up and access the corresponding numbered phones. You can find them on the map below.

This is all the info that we have on the Call of Duty: Warzone Bunkers. We wish you a happy hunt.

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