Call of Duty League made a Twitter post with a gif in order to congratulate the Dallas Empire team for their victory in the CDL Champs event. The interesting part here is that, if you are extra careful, you can notice the new additon of subway stations on the Call of Duty: Warzone map.

According to Charlie Intel, the next season update for Warzone will probably feature subway stations that will connect (in the underground) several areas of the map. Don’t forget that the current season added a train to the game, that allows players to navigate around the map while finding loot and engaging in unique skirmishes. However, the developers have stated that there are no further plans for the train, so a subway environment addition is highly likely.

Call of Duty: Warzone season 6 is set to release approximately in one month, so expect to see the new subway stations really soon if the leaks are true. Unfortunately, nothing is officialy confirmed yet by Infinity Ward, so take these rumors with a grain of salt.

In other Call Of Duty news, the release date for the Beta of Black Ops: Cold War has been leaked. In addition, a Call of Duty streamer, accidentally revealed that he is cheating during his stream.

Foivos Karkanis

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