One of Cyberpunk’s 2077 DLCs will be free according to the developers. In addition its campaign won’t be as long as The Witcher 3’s.

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[Original Post – 12/4/2020] According to a Q&A translated from Polish by VGC, Cyberpunk’s 2077 DLCs structure will be similar to Witcher 3.

The president of CD Projek Red, Adam Kiciński,  quoted that there will be “no less DLC than The Witcher 3 had.” The Witcher 3 is an amazing game with it’s two expansions, Hearts of Stone and Blood & Wine being on of the most complete and well-designed DLCs of all time. Both of them was worth all the monay we spent on them and were accompanied by some bonus content ranging from quest and outfits to equipment sets. We don’t know yet when the expansions will be released, but if they follow the Witcher 3  system for the DLCs, we can expect one three months after the release of the original game.

[UPDATE 1 – 24/8/2020] One of Cyberpunk’s 2077 DLCs will be free according to the developers.

Looks like Cyberpunk 2077 will feature a free DLC in the same way Witcher 3 did. Specifically CD Projekt Red replied with “Ohhhh yeaahh.” to a fan’s tweet asking if Cyberpunk 2077 will have a free DLC like the Witcher 3. We don’t have any more details about that DLC or about future DLCs and their prices but the studio have stated in the past that they want to follow the Witcher’s 3 footsteps. We remind you that The Witcher 3 had 16 free DLC’s and two big (and pretty cheap for their size) expansions. Cyberpunk 2077 is set for release on November 19 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. There will also be PS5 and Xbox Series X versions later and you will be able to get a a free upgrade if you already own the game on previous systems.

[UPDATE 2 – 20/9/2020] Cyberpunk’s campaign won’t be as long as The Witcher 3’s.

After the details about Cyberpunk’s 2077 DLCs, news about its campaign have surfaced online. According to Cyberpunk 2077’s senior quest designer,Patrick K. Mills, at  CohhCarnage on Twitch, Cyberpunk’s campaign will be a bit shorter than the Witcher’s 3 endless main story. This is mainly because many people did not manage to finish the 54h Witcher’s campaign back in the day.

“The difference between a completionist run and the main story run… we do know that the main story run in Cyberpunk 2077 is slightly shorter than The Witcher 3 because we got a lot of complaints about Witcher 3’s main story just being too long. Looking at the metrics, you see tremendous numbers of people played through that game really far, but never made it to the end. We want you to see the full story, so we did shorten the main story, but we have lots to do, and in terms of a completionist campaign, I just don’t have that number.” Mills stated.

Don’t worry if you are a fan of the really long stories, because Cyberpunk’s 2077 dystopian environment will feature tons of things and DLCs to complete outside the main campaign which you don’t even have to do in order to finish the game.

In other news, CD Projekt Red disabled the wall running feature from the game but added some unique cutscenes with reactive options and dialogues.

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