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The great Giant, Yhorm, is the descendant of an ancient conqueror. When he finally took the throne, humanity turned to him for protection. Yhorm was noble and accepted the offer, promising to protect the humans at all costs. It is also rumored that he wanted to serve as both “their blade and shield”. Many people were afraid of the Giant and could not entirely trust him. In order to gain their trust, Yhorm gave the non-believers a magically enhanced sword designed to kill a Giant, the Storm Ruler, in case he ever betrayed them.

The legendary Giant-slaying sword, Storm Ruler

Yhorm’s Loss and Siegward

Many years later, the humanity was under attack by an unknown enemy. Yhorm rushed to the defense of his people, fighting a whole army alone. The great Giant managed to defeat the enemy, but he lost someone dear to him in the process. We don’t know yet who this person was, but it is rumored that it was the only real friend Yhorm had. The Giant eventually fell into despair, unable to overcome his grief after this great loss. In his depression, he threw away his shield, in a symbolic act that he was unable to protect anyone anymore.

Siegward of Catarina

Afterwards, he grabbed his greatsword and exiled himself in the wilderness. During his time in exile, Yhorm met Siegward of Catarina. The Catarinan helped Yhorm overcome his sadness and the two of them quickly became friends. Siegward used to visit Yhorm, so the lonely Giant could have some company. A small note here, Yhorm had also kept another copy of the Storm Ruler, the legendary giantslaying sword.

The Profaned Flame

Unfortunately, Yhorm’s happiness would not last long. Due to a curse triggered by four female witchers, a flame that never goes out was created, the Profaned Flame. The evil flame created a deadly fiery storm in Yhorm’s old city, completely incinerating all the inhabitants. When humans realized that an Apocalypse is near, they blamed Yhorm for being a coward and abandoning them during these dark hours. They destroyed everything that they have built for him, including temples, statues and monuments.

The Profaned Flame

Soon, the Profaned Flame would unleash another deadly storm. The Giant realized that if he did not put the flame to rest, humanity would soon be reduced to ash. He contacted Siegward and gave him the Storm Ruler, telling him to use it on him in case he ever returned back to life. Yhorm became a Lord of Cinder by putting the Profaned Flame to rest. Siegward was the only one to say goodbye to the kind Giant, the moment Yhorm burned in the First Flame for the sake of humanity.

Only, something happened. when he linked the fire, the entire Profaned Capitol was scorched, killing nearly everyone in the ruined city. In the blink of an eye, the civilization that Yhorm the Giant helped build up had become scorched, and it became the home of abominations and an equally abominable flame. Probably a Giant was not fit to be a Lord of Cinder…

Yhorm and Siegward discuss about the Profaned Flame

The Return of the Giant

Yhorm returned as an in-game boss in Dark Souls 3. During the Dark Souls 3 opening cinematic, Yhorm is shown shouting in despair the moment he realizes that he is brought back to life. Why he did not take his throne is uncertain, but due to the reason for his sacrifice and his reclusive nature, it is likely that he felt too much despair at the fate of his kingdom, his people, his legacy, and the world to again sacrifice himself to kindle the First Flame.

When he returned he found nothing more than ash. He saw the corpses of men, women, and children, the very people he tried to protect time after time; their charred remains clutching each other in fear and despair as they tried to find salvation in his very own throne room. Yhorm prided himself on being the first line of defense, and when he gave everything to make sure his kingdom lasted, he returned only to find out his home was totally destroyed.

The Ashen One kills Yhorm, finally putting his spirit to rest

Yhorm the Giant, a person so quick to step up to his duties regardless of his own well being, became a bitter Lord of Cinder mourning everything he had ever lost. The lonely Lord of Cinder sat upon his lonely throne and waited for the end of the world.Yhorm died a second time in the hands of the Ashen One. Siegward also helped the adventurer to put his friend’s spirit to rest.


Yhorm’s hometown would later become the Profaned Capital, a place where people traveled to find knowledge and, usually, death. However, one of the sorcerers who managed to witness the Profaned Flame, realized that there was more beyond the Linking of the Flame cycle. He realized that, as things are, it may only be a matter of time until this young sorcerer’s own home might fall to the cycle of fire and dark, and a burning ambition began to take root. The man’s name was Sulyvahn.

The Profaned Capital

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