In this new video by Digital Foundry we can watch some of the new graphical upgrades that Demons Souls Remake has, compared to its original PS3 equivalent.

More specifically there are a lot of changes and improvements in the world and bosses design, in the color range, in the cutscenes/cinematics and in the gameplay. Corridors that were pretty empty and poor-designed in the original game, have been redesigned with a darker and more gothic style creating a perfect Souls atmosphere. They are also filled with ivy and weeds, giving a more artistic touch to the game.

The only “problem” is the new updated range of colors. Like in the Diablo franchise, many fans love the old-school dark gritty PS3 Demons Souls. The remake has a wider range of colors and an increased brightness. While i find it amazing, I’m pretty sure many hardcore players will disagree with this particular feature.

Cutscenes, cinematics and lore moments are also improved with the new graphical upgrade. If you want an example you can watch the part with the Vanguard tutorial fight. Speaking of the Vanguard, bosses are also remodelled with a lot of high quality details and additions.

Finally, the gameplay is a lot smoothier, without graphical tears and issues that the PS3 original had. We have embeded the video below for you to watch.

Not many details were announced about the Demon’s Souls remake, but we did get a look at the updated graphics, and Sony confirmed it is being developed by Bluepoint Studios and Japan Studio. According to the video description on YouTube, the Demon’s Souls remake features a new “Fractured Mode.” Players will also be able to choose between two graphics modes in the remake: “one focused on fidelity, and one focused on frame rate.” The release date of Demons Souls Remastered is not known yet, but we will update the article as soon as it is announced.

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Foivos Karkanis

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