The Youtuber Michael ReznoR made some amazing videos with upgraded visuals for the second title of the franchise. The latest footage contains 16 minutes of Diablo 2 at 4K resolution and with 60 fps.

Keep in mind that this visual upgrade is not a Mod but an AI-upscaled video. Acorrding to ReznoR, “I used Deep Learning Neural Network AI [also known as Machine Learning (ML)] and Advanced Motion Interpolation to upscale, enhance and smooth the original Diablo 2 gameplay.” Keeping the original aspect ratio means that it still looks like the Diablo 2 that we loved, just much smoother. The skilled Youtuber also made some corrections in the sound. “As a bonus the EAX Environmental Effects and 3D audio known from old Creative Sound Blaster Audigy/X-Fi cards are enabled in this demo as well as Head Related Transfer Function (HRTF). Headphones are recommended for best results.

We remind you that Diablo 2 plays at 720p if you own the Lord of Destruction expansion and runs at only 25 fps. Machine learning filled-in the missing frames, leading to a better animation and images. If you decide to watch the video be sure to turn the settings for 4K so you can see the full extent of ReznoR’s work. One of the most popular requests made by Blizzard’s fans is a Diablo 2 Remastered so everyone can enjoy 4K and 60 fps while in-game. In the past, Diablo’s lead designer, David Brevik, speaking on the podcast admitted that a project like that would be really difficult. However here has been a leak about a Diablo 2 Remaster.

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