Blizzard’s latest development update give us some extra details about Diablo 4 multiplayer, cutscenes, open world and more. We don’t know its release date yet but, thankfully, Blizzard is doing quarterly updates to keep us informed about the lastest title of their successful ARPG. Here’s a summary of the new info that we learned about Diablo 4.


Although visuals in games under development are often kept in rough form so the developers can easilly test ideas on them, some of the monster models in the following screenshots look pretty scary and well designed. Keep in mind that these assets are not final.


The storytelling mechanism of Diablo 4 will differ greatly from its precessesors. During conversations, the camera will come close to your characters so you can see the dialogues first hand, in contrast to Diablo 3 which used character portraits. Also, a bunch of new animations will be added to the game to make the conversations more realistic and fun. Last but not least, Blizzard will finally use real-time cutscenes. With these brand new cutscenes, the cinematic will be a lot more beautiful and your own character will appear in it with your currently equipped gear.

Open World

One of the main features of Diablo 4 is the open world of Sanctuary. While you are following the main quest, you will be able to take a break and go exploring or PvPing in the new open world. Side content is also added to the game to make the experience more enjoyable and fun. Another huge addition to the ARPG are Camps. These are distinct locations that have been taken over by demonic hordes, but once you cleanse them they’ll become friendly outposts with NPCs and a waypoint. The studio says the storytelling in the Camps is mostly visual, but you can put together pieces of what happened in those locations by looking at the surroundings.

For example, one camp was a town that had been afflicted by a curse turning villagers into piles of salt. Another was a crypt haunted by a skeleton-jumping spirit. Camps help you get a foothold in an area outside of Sanctuary, and are meant to encourage exploration in the open world. Blizzard noted that during its playtests, those who focused only on the story quests finished in less than half the average time than others who meandered with side-content. We don’t know the duration of the main campaign yet, but it looks like Diablo 4 will have several


Mounts are also obtainable during the playthrough. The new open world interacts well with mounts and you can get to boring objectives a lot quicker without trivializing combat by running through hordes of enemies.


After completing the main quests of a specific arc, towns will turn into social hubs where you will be able to meet and interact with other players. In order to reduce lag, sometimes, these hubs will be instanced to a certain number of people. You also might run into an odd player here or there while wandering the road. Big world events, featuring big bosses that require a lot of players will also be available in Diablo 4. Blizzard said it was important to not to make the multiplayer counts too big, because it doesn’t want the game to resemble a MMO. It said this is a “philosophy rather than a tech limitation,” simply because the game stops “feeling like Diablo” if you see other players too often. I think every Diablo fan will agree with this decision.

That was the most important details that we found on this Diablo 4 update. The new game looks amazing with all these new additions and we can’t wait for the next quarterly update. Be sure to check the rumours about a Diablo 2: Remastered and if you are a diablo lore fan check our Diablo Lore Articles.

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