[UPDATE] An interview with Diablo 4 art director and lead designer, John Mueller & Joe Shelly, revealed a new update about the series’ world map and quest structure.

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[Original Post – 7/8/2020] We finally had a Diablo 4 update with Rod Ferguson that, during a GDC Q&A session, stated that the Diablo 4 team continues their work on the popular ARPG, despite the coronavirus pandemic.

Some months ago, Ferguson left Coalition in order to join the Blizzard’s team for the development of Diablo 4. However, the first week of his transfer, the coronavirus pandemic broke out, forcing everyone on the team to work from home. “I had a full eight days in office. I started on a Tuesday and then the following Thursday, everybody was on work from home. It’s been really hard actually, for me, because I think people who know me and have worked with me know that part of what I thrive on and do well in is [being] in the room with people, and talking, and trying to motivate and understand, and collaborating and those sorts of things. The push, kind of taking one of my sort of quote-unquote ‘superpowers’ and putting it behind a video screen, I found really hard.”

During a recent Q&A session, Ferguson stated that everyone is working from home and the Diablo 4 development is “going very well”. There is no loss of productivity and the company have taken measures in order to help the employees have all the equipment and funding they need in order to work remotely without problems. They even send snack boxes to the developers to keep them happy! Looks like these steps are paying off because Hearthstone already shipped two expansions and World of Warcraft: Shadowlands will also arrive in Q4 of 2020. Diablo 4 is probably harder to create, but still, the team is moving forward.

[UPDATE 1 – 29/9/2020] Lead systems designer of Diablo 4, David Kim, gave us a new update regarding the skill tree of the title.

According to Diablo 4 lead systems designer, David Kim, the talent system of Diablo 3 got reworked. “We’ve been reading through a lot of the comments from the community and agree that the talent system needs more depth. Similarly, skill system progression felt too simple, which created issues where a player would have no meaningful reason to spend their skill points.” Kim stated.

The skill tree is fully reworked, so passive abilities will be sepearated from active spells. In addition, when you level up, you will have the option to spend your skill points to unlock certain spells, add an effect to an existing spell or get a passive ability. “The passive part of this system is where you will find more general upgrades to your character. These effects are not specific to particular skills. Therefore, the skill tree will have a good mix of all types of different choices for players to make.” Kim continues.

Finally, Kim mentions that players will be able to only get around 30-40% of their skill points by the end of Diablo 4’s main story. Unfortunately, we don’t have the detailed skill trees yet, but you can get a taste from the demo image above.

[UPDATE 2 – 28/3/2021] An interview with Diablo 4’s art director and lead designer, John Mueller & Joe Shelly, revealed new information about the series’ world map and quest structure.

After a very interesting interview with Mueller and Shelly, thanks to techradar.com, we finally have some details regarding the game’s transition to open world. According to Mueller, Diablo 4 won’t follow the same linear “Acts” campaign that its predecessors did. There’s an entry point in the game, then there’s a point when things diverge and you have a lot of options about which way you can go”, John Mueller explained. “For the first part of the game there’s a path in, then a lot of options about where you can go from there. At a much later point it converges back together for the final act”.

For example, even in the first part of the game, the player will be able to choose one of the three quest lines available. Each quest line will be in a different region of the Diablo’s world, giving huge replayability to the title. Beyond the quest, players should expect plenty of “fun things that pull you off the path.” Describing how a day of playing Diablo 4 might look, Joe Shelly said, “You might waypoint into the Fractured Peaks, hop on your mount, ride out to a camp, complete it, along the way you might get distracted by an event… maybe some Goat Men are harassing some villagers. Then, having completed the Camp you might discover that a World Boss has showed up in Scosglen, so maybe you head up there to deal with that with some other players”. Mueller continues.

In addition, a brand new Camp feature will be introduced. Players will find camps scattered around the open world full of different types of enemies and rewards. “Every camp that the designers have done has been unique – there’s always cool little scriptures, lore bits, that kind of stuff”. Defeating the enemies in these camps will free the residents of Sanctuary, which results in knock-on effects that show off the newly reactive world.” Mueller concluded. Its looks like that one of the most important goals of the developers, is to create a Diablo terrain without fragmentation and extremely linear paths.

We will keep the article updated with any future information about the game that we manage to find. After a long time, we also had an update on Diablo Immortal featuring several of the game’s classes, some combat mechanics and the return of Baal. Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed the article and want to support the site, feel free to throw a like at our official facebook page.

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