A detailed update trailer was released about Diablo Immortal some days ago, but it left us wondering about the setting and story Blizzard’s latest mobile game.

In the final scene of the trailer we see the Lord of Destruction Baal return, but the rest of the video gives us nothing new about the lore of Diablo Immortal. However, it is officially confirmed that its story is based on events that take place between Diablo 2 and 3. During the end of Diablo 2, Baal tried to corrupt the Worldstone in Mount Arreat. Fortunately, the adventurers of the Sanctuary, with the help of the archangel Tyrael, defeated the Lord of Destruction and finally shattered the Worldstone. Years later, when the Diablo Immortal storyline begins, demons are attempting to conquer Sanctuary once again with the Worldstone shattered and fragments polluting the earth.

It is unclear how Baal was resurrected after the Diablo 2 events, but demons coming back to life is something we are familiar in the Diablo franchise. In Diablo 3 there are no problems or corruption from the Worldstone indicating that hunting the corrupted shards of the Worldstone will be the basis of the story in Diablo Immortal. During BlizzCon 2018, the developers have hinted that in the mobile adaptation of Diablo, we will delve deeper into the plans of the Lords of Hell. Skarn, one of Diablo’s minions, will also make his appearance, in order to speed up the process of his lord’s return through the shards of the Worldstone.

Mephisto, Duriel and Andariel’s fates are also unknown after the Diablo’s 2 ending, so it is highly likely that some of them will make their return in Diablo Immortal. In Diablo 3 Baal is 100% dead since his soul is inside the Black Soulstone in the Reaper of Souls expansion. A good guess will be that we will receive help from Diablo’s minions such as Adria. It is clear that Diablo wants Baal removed from the way in order to steal the powers of all the other Great Evils for himself. That’s all the settings and story facts that I’ve managed to gather about Diablo Immortal. We will update the article as soon as we have more information from the developers. Thanks for reading!

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Foivos Karkanis

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