The Diablo Lore series is a collection of articles delving deep into the history of many important Diablo figures and events. Since Diablo’s story is ongoing in the famous ARPG, I will try to constantly update these articles. I started with a Warcraft Lore series but I decided to give Diablo a chance as well, since its lore is really interesting. The following article will inform you about the Prime Evil Baal.

Because Baal is a very important Diablo figure and he has a huge story, I will separate his lore into two articles. The first part contains the Prologue, the Fifth Battle of Diamond Gates, the Pandemonium Fortress siege, the Triune Religion, the Sin War, the Dark Exile and the imprisonment of Baal by Tal Rasha. Keep in mind that 2 paragraphs are exactly the same as in Mephisto’s article.

The second part features the Release of Baal, Marius’ Story, The Reunion of the Prime Evils, The Assault on Mount Arreat and the Black Soulstone.

Let me know in the comments about any errors or inconsistencies you may find. Feedback is greatly appreciated. Enjoy!

Keep in mind that this is the second part of Baal’s series. If you are interested, the first part can be found here.

The Release of Baal

Centuries later, Diablo disguised as the Dark Wanderer began a search for his older brother. Marius, an unlucky human, accompanied Diablo through his journey to find Baal. After many days, Diablo managed to track Tal Rasha’s inside the cave. When he proceeded to remove the soulstone from Tal Rasha’s body, he was interrupted by the Archangel Tyrael. Tyrael attacked the Lord of Terror who was in a much weaker state than he was in Diablo 3.

Tyrael fights Diablo’s weakened form and Marius frees Baal

Baal realized that his brother was losing the duel. Tyrael overpowered Diablo and incapacitated him. The Lord of Destruction quickly took over Tal Rasha’s body and began speaking to the terrified Marius. He told him that he was Tal Rasha and tricked the poor human into releasing him. Marius removed the Soulstone from the mage’s body, freeing Baal in the process. Baal immediately attacked Tyrael, giving Diablo and himself enough time to escape the angel’s wrath.

The Reunion of the Prime Evils

With the Lords of Destruction and Terror wearing the guises of the Dark Wanderer and Tal Rasha respectively, the brothers arrived in the Temple of Light in Kurast. They released their older brother Mephisto who was captured in a Soulstone by the Horadrim. After nearly three centuries, the Prime Evils were united. Mephisto informed his brethren about the corruption of the Zakarum and together they devised a plan to take control of Hell again.

Marius describes the Reuinion of the Prime Evils

Mephisto helped Diablo assume his true demonic form and together they opened a Demonic Gate to Hell. Diablo stepped through this gate with the mission to find all the demons that were still loyal to the Three. Baal did not want to return to Hell and instead traveled north in the search of the Worldstone. Finally, Mephisto remained behind to guarantee his brothers safety and to intercept anyone interfering with the Prime Evil’s plan.

Marius’ Story

Back in the Release of Baal chapter, after the departure of Baal and Diablo, Tyrael was left in the tomb of Tal Rasha with Marius. The Archangel charged Marius with going to Hell and destroying Baal’s Soulstone (that have previously pulled out of Tal Rasha’s body) at the Hellforge. Following Tyrael’s instructions Marius reached the Temple of Light at the same time the Reunion of the Prime Evils was happening. Afraid to enter the gates of Hell with Mephisto standing guard, Marius fled to Westmarch.

The next weeks, Marius began to question his sanity. His mind was shattered and he was acting weird. Soon, he was arrested by the town’s guard and confined to a sanitarium. He still kept Baal’s Soulstone with him, an item that would later make him do some “crazy” things like carving his story in the stone floor with his own fingernails. His body was also ravaged by the Soulstone, giving him an an aged appearance.

Marius meets the mysterious cloaked man

One day a cloaked visitor visited Marius’ cell. Marius believed that the strange man was Tyrael and, consumed with guilt, told his story to the angel starting from the first encounter with Diablo to the Reunion of the Prime Evils. Tyrael assured him that everything is forgiven if he handed over Baal’s Soulstone so he could personaly destroy it. Marius gladly accepted and gave the Soulstone to the cloaked man. However, Marius’ visitor was Baal disguised as Tyrael causing Marius to break into tears. The Lord of Destruction ended the poor man’s life and set the sanitarium ablaze, killing everyone inside.

The Assault of Mount Arreat

With his Soulstone in hand, Baal began his march to the lands of the Barbarians in order to find the Worldstone that Lilith had stolen. The Barbarians fought bravely against Baal’s army but they were outnumbered by the Prime Evil’s minions. When Baal reached the gates of Sescheron, the Barbarians sent an emissary to parlay with the Lord of Destruction. Baal refused the offer, killed the emissary and proceeded to destroy the castle.

Baal declines the emissary’s offer and lays siege to Sescheron

All that stood between Baal and the Worldstone was now Harrogath. The Council of Elders, a group of strong mages in the city, sacrificed themselves to erect a warding spell in order to prevent Baal from reaching Mount Arreat. Unfortunately, one of the Elders, Nihlathak, survived the sacrifice spell and made a pact with the Prime Evil. Baal would be free to reach Mount Arreat with the help of the Relic of the Ancients, but in exchange he would not destroy Harrogath.

Baal accepted and with the help of the Relic he reached the slopes of the mountain. There he found the Worldstone Chamber where the Worldstone was kept. The Prime Evil fused the Shard of Destruction with the Worldstone and the corruption of the gigantic crystal began. Luckily a group of nephalem aided by Tyrael managed to reach Baal before he corrupted the Worldstone forever. Baal was defeated by the combined forces of Sanctuary and was imprisoned in a new Soulstone.

The Black Soulstone

The new Lord’s of Destruction Soulstone was later destroyed at the Hellforge. However, Baal’s essence ended up in the Black Soulstone after Adria’s interference. Baal later merged with Diablo as a single Prime Evil but managed to break free again because of Malthael.

Malthael, a fallen member of the Angiris Council

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