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Duriel, the Lord of Pain, is one of the four Lesser Evils (The other ones are Azmodan, Belial and Andariel). Duriel was born from one of the seven heads of the ancient evil dragon Tathamet. When Tathamet fell, every one of his heads became a Great Evil. Great Evils are separated in three Prime Evils and four Lesser Evils. In his early days, Duriel used to rule the Realm of Pain in Hell. Duriel is also the twin brother of Andariel and he is commonly known as the Maggot King.

The four Lesser Evils (Azmodan, Belial, Duriel and Andariel)

The First Rebellion

During the Sin Wars, the three Prime Evils kept the existence of Sanctuary and the nephalem secret from the Lesser Evils. When Azmodan found out about humanity, he lost trust in the Prime Evils and began to investigate further. Soon, the Lord of Sin found out that the Prime Evils’ main concern was their influence on the nephalem and not the Great Conflict anymore. This outraged Azmodan who decided to rebel against the Prime Evils by creating an army of demons.

Diablo, the Lord of Terror

When his army was fully assembled, Azmodan moved against Diablo the Lord of Terror. However, his coup attempt failed and Diablo cursed Azmodan followers, turning them into the Fallen Ones. After his defeat, Azmodan made a pact with Belial and, together, they asked Duriel and Andariel to participate in their stratagem to overthrow the Three. The twins had their doubts at first but Belial managed to convince them to join the rebellion.

The Second Rebellion and the Dark Exile

Believing that the main target of Hell was the High Heavens and not the control over humanity, the Lesser Evils began a second rebellion against the Prime Evils. Although the Primes exacted a heavy toll on the rebels, they were, in the end, banished to the mortal realm, weakened and bodiless. Azmodan believed that with Diablo, Mephisto and Baal set loose in the mortal world, Heaven would switch their focus to the mortal plane, leaving them vulnerable to his attacks.

The Archangel Tyrael

When the Prime Evils arrived in the mortal realm, the Archangel Tyrael immediately sensed their presence. He rallied several of the Mage Clans, the most powerful nephalem mages in the world, and together they formed an alliance known as the Horadrim. The Prime Evils could not be killed in the mortal world so the only solution was to bind them forever in an eternal prison. The Angels created the Soulstones, some powerful stones able to contain the essence of a Prime Evil. Soon, all the Prime Evils were captured by the Horadrim and sealed on the Soulstones.

Duriel’s Betrayal

Three hundred years after the Second Rebellion, Diablo finally managed to escape from his soul prison at the Tristram Cathedral in the form of the Dark Wanderer. When Duriel realized the power that Diablo possessed he immediately contacted his twin sister Andariel. Duriel believed that the Prime Evils would inevitably reclaim the throne of Hell so he asked Andariel to betray the Lesser Evils and join the Prime triad. His sister accepted and together they pledged their loyalty to Diablo once more.

Diablo disguised as the Dark Wanderer

The Release of Baal

Duriel was tasked with protecting the fragile human form of Diablo, until the later could locate and free his brothers Mephisto and Baal. After many days, Diablo managed to track Tal Rasha’s corpse inside a cave. When he proceeded to remove the soulstone from Tal Rasha’s body, he was interrupted by the Archangel Tyrael. Tyrael attacked the Lord of Terror who was in a much weaker state than he was in Diablo 3.

Baal tricks Marius

Baal realized that his brother was losing the duel. Tyrael overpowered Diablo and incapacitated him. The Lord of Destruction quickly took over Tal Rasha’s body and began speaking to the terrified Marius. He told him that he was Tal Rasha and tricked the poor human into releasing him. Marius removed the Soulstone from the mage’s body, freeing Baal in the process. Baal immediately attacked Tyrael, giving Diablo and himself enough time to escape the angel’s wrath.

The Fall of Duriel

When Tyrael tried to follow them, Duriel arrived at the cave, attacking the injured angel. Tyrael was too exhausted to win a duel versus the Lord of Pain and Duriel managed to knock him unconscious. Baal ordered Duriel to guard Tyrael and the tomb for all eternity as punishment for his involvement in the Second Rebellion. Embittered by this new position of solitary servitude, the Lord of Pain claimed the souls and blood of many bold adventurers. After many years, a group of adventurers, who were pursuing Diablo, finally managed to defeat Duriel and free Tyrael from his bonds.

The nephalem defeat Duriel, saving Tyrael in the process

The Black Soulstone

Duriel’s essence ended up in the Black Soulstone after Adria’s interference. The Lord of Pain later merged with Diablo as a single Prime Evil but managed to break free again because of Malthael. The exact location and state of Duriel in Diablo is currently unknown. The Black Soulstone is a huge chapter in Diablo that we will discuss in the future.

Malthael holding the Black Soulstone

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