The Diablo Lore series is a collection of articles delving deep into the history of many important Diablo figures and events. Since Diablo’s story is ongoing in the famous ARPG, I will try to constantly update these articles. I started with a Warcraft Lore series but I decided to give Diablo a chance as well, since its lore is really interesting. The following article will inform you about the Prime Evil Mephisto.

Because Mephisto is a very important Diablo figure and he has a huge story, I will separate his lore into two articles. The first part contains the Prologue, the creation of Magma Demons, the Fifth Battle of Diamond Gates, the Pandemonium Fortress siege and the Sin War.

The second part features the Prime Evils Exile, the Imprisonment of Mephisto, the Corruption of the Zakarum, the Reunion of the Prime Evils and the Black Soulstone.

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Keep in mind that this is the second part of the Mephisto’s series. If you are interested, the first part can be found here.

Dark Exile

After the ceasefire, the Prime Evils turned their full attention to humanity. They withdraw their forces from important locations and they forsake the Eternal Conflict. One of the four Lesser Evils, Azmodan, was not pleased with these latest events. He believed that the most important goal for the Hell’s forces was victory in the Eternal Conflict. He contacted his brothers, Andariel, Duriel and Belial and together they rebelled against the Prime Evils.

The four Lesser Evils, Azmodan, Belial, Duriel and Andariel

Mephisto and his brothers were not expecting an attack from the Lesser Evils and they quickly lost the battle. They were cast out of Hell, exiled forever into the mortal realm. This era in the Diablo lore is commonly known as The Dark Exile. Therefore, the four Lesser Evils took control over Hell’s forces and they resumed the Eternal Conflict.

The Imprisonment of Mephisto

When the Prime Evils arrived in the mortal realm, the Archangel Tyrael immediately sensed their presence. He rallied several of the Mage Clans, the most powerful nephalem mages in the world, and together they formed an alliance known as the Horadrim. The Prime Evils could not be killed in the mortal world so the only solution was to bind them forever in an eternal prison. The Angels created the Soulstones, some powerful stones able to contain the essence of a Prime Evil.

The Archangel Tyrael, member of the Angiris Council

The following paragraph is a small spoiler so proceed with caution. Mephisto have orchestrated these series of events and the Prime Evils were exiled in purpose from Hell. Their goal was, through the soulstones, to corrupt the Worldstone. If they managed to corrupt the Worldstone they would be able to take control over the nephalem, retake Hell and win the Eternal Conflict once and for all.

During the years of the Dark Exile, Mephisto traveled to Lut Gholein, the main town in Diablo’s 2 second act. He bound several demons spirits into the mummies beneath Lut Gholein, causing a huge problems to the local population. He also established a big castle known as Fortress of Bone. From his fortress, Mephisto began to summon armies of demons in order to take control of the nearby desert. The Horadrim sensed his demonic presence and immediately took action.

The desert town of Lut Gholein

The defenders of the mortal realm marched against Mephisto, overpowered his demons’ hordes and eventually reached his Fortress. Mephisto used all his power to summon a new wave of demons that the Horadrim managed to defeat as well. They laid siege to his castle and finally managed to defeat the Lord of Hatred. His essence was captured inside a soulstone and it was entrusted to the Zakarum priests of the Temple of Light in Travincal.

Corruption of the Zakarum

Slowly but steady, the Lord of Hatred corrupted the Council of Zakarum taking control over the priests. The priest leader Que Hegan, did not believe Mephisto’s lies and he was immune to the demonlord’s control. He immediately tried to contact his fellow priests but it was too late. Que Hegan was savagely murdered by Memphisto’s servant, Sankekur. Sankekur took control of the Council and later became the living vessel for the Prime Evil’s soul.

The Zakarum Cathedral

The Reunion of the Prime Evils

Years later, the three most evil beings in the world would be reunited in the mortal realm. During the Diablo 2 Era, Diablo in the form of the Dark Wanderer along with Baal trapped inside Tal Rasha’s body managed to find Mephisto’s Soulstone and release him. After nearly three centuries, the Prime Evils were united. Mephisto informed his brethren about the corruption of the Zakarum and together they devised a plan to take control of Hell again.

The reunion of the Prime Evils

Mephisto helped Diablo assume his true demonic form and together they opened a Demonic Gate to Hell. Diablo stepped through this gate with the mission to find all the demons that were still loyal to the Three. Baal did not want to return to Hell and instead traveled north in the search of the Worldstone. Finally, Mephisto remained behind to guarantee his brothers safety and to intercept anyone interfering with the Prime Evil’s plan.

The Black Soulstone

When Tyrael found out about Mephisto, he send an elite group of mortal adventurers to battle the Prime Evil. Mephisto was strong but for a second time in his life, he lost to a team of nephalems. The Lord of Hatred was imprisoned within another Soulstone that it was later destroyed at the Hellforge. However, Mephisto’s essence ended up in the Black Soulstone after Adria’s interference. Mephisto later merged with Diablo as a single Prime Evil but managed to break free again because of Malthael.

Malthael holding the Black Soulstone

The Black Soulstone’s story is pretty big and complex (the above story is just a summary) so I will not include it in this Mephisto’s lore article. Howerver if someone is interested I can make an article about it in the future

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