At 17/2/2019 was our first successful clan downing of Boomer (and also clearing the hangar after). Also, it’s apparent there’s now an issue with tank bosses getting stuck when climbing over obstacles with the last update. Our victories and this new glitch may be related to be honest but the team performed really good.

We split the raid group into two smaller groups :

1) Group 1: Three people tanking and kiting Boomer around and using the turret gun . Also when Boomer is vunerable they are the main DPS on him. That’s why their loadout must consist of high +Headshot % DMG and high +Damage to Elites %.

2) Group 2: The remaining 5 people, with 2 people inside the bar to take fast care of the early terminals and 3 people roaming outside clearing the adds and checking the terminal warnings. At later terminal phases (when you need >2 terminals) more people join the bar squad in order to stop the generators on time. Everyone is Group 2 gives priority to adds instead of Boomer.

I generally play in the Bar Squad from the start of the fight and i use a pretty tanking stable AR Survivalist Loadout with Perfectly Unbreakable talent. I use 1 Badger / 1 Richter Kaiser / 1 Wyvern and 2 Gila Guards and for gadgets i prefer Turret and Revive Hive.

Some of my stats are:

– 117k HP / 275k Armor

+ 11% Crit Chance / +40% Crit Dmg

+ 23% Weapon Dmg / + 47% AR Dmg

+ 96% Damage to Elites

+ 30% Protection from Elites / +72% Hazard Protection


Finally i want to thank my PS4 clan at Division 2, the Rat Blastards, for their constant help and support. If you are intrested about the game, you can read our small Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 review.


Foivos Karkanis

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