The developers of Doom Eternal, id Software, have stated in the past that the game’s engine is capable of over 1000 fps.

Of course, this is just a theoretical number because, even with the best PC hardware right now, you can not achieve more than 250 fps when playing at 1080p resolution. However in order to prove id Software’s statemenet, Bethesda created a powerful PC capable of running the game on high fps. The company hired a full team of computer experts at Polish retailer x-kom and tasked them to build an alien gaming machine while using and  Intel’s Core i7-9700K eight-core processor.

The team managed to increase the max clock speed from 4.9GHz to 6.6GHz and boost the ROG Strix RTX 2080 Ti GPU from from 1.6GHz to 2.4GHz. For that kind of power they added a 1200 Watt suppy which still was not enough to fuel the machine for 1.000 fps. The gaming setup managed to reach only 500 to 600 fps before overheating. To counter that problem, the engineers used a form of liquid nitrogen in order to stop the machine from overheating. This allowed them to have the desired results hiting 1014 fps before shutting down.

“The Doom Slayer was walking through the opening corridor of Doom Eternal ‘Hell on Earth’ level when all eight CPU cores clocked at nearly 6.6GHz, and the frame meter registered exactly 1,006 (more than 1000!) fps. It even went up as high as 1,014 FPS during a tutorial map, exceeding the 1000 fps goal with frames to spare,” Bethesda wrote in their official announcement. These news are pretty much useless information, but it’s really impressive what the latest title of the Doom’s franchise paired with a really high end machine is capable of.

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Foivos Karkanis

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