Doom Eternal mod finally brings us Horde Mode.

The famous modder, Proteh, has created the alpha version of a mod that appears to create a horde mode inside the game. With this new feature, players will find themselves in an end-game arena where they will face rooms of increasingly difficult enemies. This mode is the classic horde setup with some minor changes. First of all, players start only with a fully upgraded shotgun and get access to more weaponry, runes and mastery coins as they progress through the rounds. In addition, they can also snatch some sentinel crystals and extra lives along the way.

When they are ready, the final round will begin. According to Proteh, this round will be way more difficult than any other combat arena in the game. A small note here, most of Horde Mode arenas are based on the existing Doom Eternal landscapes. You can find this interesting mod at at Nexus Mods, along with some install instructions.

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Foivos Karkanis

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