A new master level is now available for all players to complete in Doom Eternal.

This latest addition is named Super Gore Nest and it features new difficulties and modes. With every new challenge completed, players will unlock a cosmetic reward for their character. However, should they complete all the challenges, they will be rewarded with Super Gore Nest’s ultimate prize: The Gold Combat Shotgun skin. According to the developers, “Like previous Doom Eternal Master Levels, the Super Gore Nest Master Level takes the original you know and love from Doom Eternal’s campaign and gives it a remix – adding more big bads and changing up combat encounters for a fresh, fast, and frenzied combat experience.”

A brand new mode, called Classic Mode, is also available if you truly are an old-school Doom player. In this mode you can re-experience the original 1993 Doom experience with some small quality of life improvements. Keep in mind that Classic Mode won’t be easy to beat. “You start Super Gore Nest with just the Combat Shotgun, fighting your way through the map and earning back every gun and mod on-site until you reach maximum demon-slaying capacity! Complete Super Gore Nest on Classic Mode and you’ll receive the Classic Green Slayer skin (and our respect.)” the description reads.

This week, Xbox Game Pass PC users will also be able to play Doom Eternal on their consoles. In other relative news, be sure to check this 1000 FPS Doom Eternal footage, thankfully not on a fridge.  Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed the article and want to support the site, you can throw a like at our official facebook page.

Foivos Karkanis


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