Bored of playing your games on PC, PS4 or Xbox One? You can now play your favorite Doom Eternal on your fridge.

It is actually very interesting in how many things and devices you can run the old Doom title. Some cool examples included a truck, an ATM and a… printer. You can check all Doom’s weird devices in the video embedded below.

Fortunately, Doom Eternal continues the tradition of its predecessor and is now playable on a fridge. Yes, you heard that right. With a proper use of Microsoft xCloud, you can know play your favorite fps on a Samsung Smart Fridge. Today, The Verge reposted an Instagram post by Richard Mallard showcasing an impressive use of technology. Richard managed to activate and actually play Doom Eternal on his home fridge. The post is titled “Forget the memes and jokes. I’m really out here! Get rekt on a Samsung smart fridge kid! Video soon. Lol”.

We remind you that Doom Eternal is coming to Xbox Game Pass. Considering the fact that Microsoft bought Bethesda some days ago, it makes total sense to bring Doom Eternal to the most popular Microsoft’s games service. In addition, be sure to check this awesome 1.000 FPS Doom’s gameplay and download Doom’s Horde Mode.

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Foivos Karkanis

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