The first big story expansion in Doom Eternal, The Ancient Gods DLC, will be available as a standalone download. In addition Doom’s Eternal new DLC, The Ancient Gods: Part One, is finally out packed with some rapid hell-ish action.

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[Original Post – 29/8/2020] Speaking to PCgamesN, the executive producer of the title Marty Stratton stated that the developer team wants the DLC to “reach as many people as possible.” According to the game director Hugo Martin, The Ancient Gods will be a pretty big DLC. “Most people would associate DLC with being of smaller scope – it’s kind of like the made for TV version of the movie, and the movie was the main game,” Hugo said. “For us, this is very much like a two-part film – this is every bit as grand as the main game was.”

Doom Eternal: the Ancient Gods DLC was announced during Gamescom Opening Night and will be the first part of a story-expansion series for the game. If you buy the Doom Eternal Year One Pass, currently at 30$, you will have access to both DLCs (The Ancient Gods Part 1 & The Ancient Gods Part 2). If you only want to buy the first part, you can purchase it by itself  for only 15.99$. The release date of the DLC is October 20.

[UPDATE 1- 23/9/2020] Microsoft teased Doom Eternal coming to Xbox Game Pass with a new double-hidden message.

Looks like the latest title of the franchise is coming to Xbox Game Pass. Xbox Game Pass’ official Twitter account made a post stating that “Melissa said not to drop hints so we’re not dropping hints. there are absolutely no hints in this screenshot. don’t bother looking for them. there are none”. However, if u use photoshop, you will notice that you can reveal a secret message in the image saying that “The Slayer is Coming”. Of course, this is a clear hint that Doom Eternal is coming to Xbox Game Pass.

[UPDATE 2 – 17/10/2020] The composers of Doom’s Eternal soundtrack are teasing a new clip

The first part of Doom’s Eternal DLC, The Ancient Gods, is set to launch next week. While the usual Doom’s music composer, Mick Gordon, won’t be working on that DLC, the new tracks will be perfectly suited for a Doom title. The Doom Eternal: Ancient Gods’ composers, Andrew Hulshult and David Levy, made two tweets teasing the music found in the upcoming expansion.

The first tweet, done by Hulshult, is a video of himself playing some strangle guitar riffs that are later overlayed on top of an Ancient Gods’ gameplay footage. The second tweet is done by Levy, featuring an extended video of gameplay combined with some doom-ish keyboard and drums beats. The music is really good and let’s hope that we will say the same about the upcoming DLC’s gameplay.

[UPDATE 3 – 20/10/2020] Doom’s Eternal new DLC, The Ancient Gods: Part One, is finally out packed with some rapid hell-ish action.

The first DLC of the title includes three new campaign levels, three new Support Runes and many new skins for our favorite protagonist. The DLC will cost 20$ as a standalone purchase or 30$ if you get the full Year One Pass. The Ancient Gods DLC also brings new lore to the game. After defeating the resurrected Icon of Sin and the matriarch of the Maykrs, the Doom Slayer is facing a new threat. The forces of Hell are now attacking the realm of the Maykrs, so the player will have to travel to Urdak to save the world once more. You can check the official tweet below, in case that you’ve missed it.

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