Fight of Gods is a fighting game by Taiwanese indie developer Digital Crafts consisting of a roster of figures pertaining to world religions and mythologies. The game was banned in Malaysia due to religious content. It was first released for Microsoft Windows in September 2017 and later for Nintendo Switch in December 2018.


As we mentioned above this is a very simple fighting game with three (and a half) different modes to choose from. It features 14 playable characters based on past and present religions worldwide. Some examples are Zeus, Odin, Jesus, Anubis, Buddha and … Santa Claus. Your goal is simple, KO your enemy before he KO’s you. The winner is declared based on the best-of-three victories format.

Every god will have a health bar, an energy bar, a standard attack-movement set (Fast Attack, Slow Attack, Grapple etc) and a unique set of special combo attacks like Jesus’s Smite, Anubis’s Mummify and Odin’s Wolf Summon. Additionally, every divine fighter has his/her own play-style, attack speed and range based on his/her weapon and combo attacks. All 14 heroes are available from the start of the game with two different skins to choose from. The five remaining skins for every god are unlocked by playing different modes on different difficulties.

In Arcade Mode, which appears to be the campaign of the game, you have to emerge victorious in a series of 11 battles against the CPU, using a god and a difficulty of your choice. There is no plot and at the first nine battles the identity of your enemy is totally random. In the tenth stage you will face the god that you chose (with a different skin) in a mirror match, while in eleventh you will encounter a divine being that appears to be the God of all Gods and is called Boss. As far as a I know Boss is not a playable character.

VS Mode is the classic versus mode that will allow you to unleash your divine judgment in a friend from the safety of your sofa. There is also a local network server mode called Online Mode. Challenge Mode starts with a fight against the Boss, without giving you the option to adjust the difficulty. It’s a really tough mode and I suggest that you approach it when you are really comfortable with your god’s move-set and mechanics.

There is also the option of Training, where you are able to practice your skills against a very dumb CPU that will stay still and let you constantly punish it without fighting back. If you press the Options key, you can see a detailed list of the move-set combos of a specific god. Be sure to use the training grounds to be familiar with them so when the real action kicks in, your muscle memory will grant you the victory.

Graphics / Sound

Stages are well-designed and relative with each god mythology. For example Odin’s arena looks like Valhalla while Athena’s arena is placed inside the Parthenon. Character models are decent, but of course there is plenty of room for improvement. In addition, some special-move animations are a bit laggy and they are not realistic at all. Combat sound effects are good and the music in the background is relaxing although, sometimes, it gets repetitive. There is also voice acting for every god, that can get a bit frustrating when Amaterasu will speak in Japanese when Jesus in English!?!

Unique Features

You’ve never seen a fighting title like this, it’s like UFC but made for gods. How else can you experience the feeling of smiting someone with the power of Jesus or ramming your opponent with fat Santa’s sleigh?


Fight of Gods has five Arcrade Difficulties. (Very Easy, Easy, Medium, Hard, Very Hard). If you are not a Tekken’s veteran, I’d suggest you to avoid the last difficulty because it will turn your life into a living Hell. There is no real option of replayability, except the fact that you can call your friends home and beat them up until they desert their religion.


  • A well-designed collection of gods, each one with a unique skill set

  • Very unique and revolutionary ideas for a title
  • High level of difficulty

  • Smooth relaxing gameplay


  • There is no plot in any mode

  • Zero replayability

  • Some visual bugs

  • Voice acting is confusing

Rating (6.8/10)

  • Gameplay: 7.5/10

  • Graphics: 6.5/10

  • Sound: 6.5/10

  • Uniqueness: 8.5/10

  • Replayability: 5/10

Primary Version Tested: PC

Foivos Karkanis

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