Players can now snatch a cargo trucks Warzone skin for free from a Call of Duty Cold War ARG.

The Iron Curtain Cargo Truck Warzone skin is available for free to all players from the Pawn Takes Pawn site which looks like to play a part in Cold War marketing campaign. You only need to go to the site’s Invisible Truths page and sign in or create a new account. After you log in, you will be prompted to enter six different keycodes. If you enter the keycodes below, you will earn and achievement and a code that will unlock the Iron Curtain Cargo Truck skin in Warzone.

The Correct Keycodes

YouTuber PrestigeIsKey have already done it and provided us with these steps below in order to get your hands on this skin faster.

  1. Head to Pawn Takes Pawn’s Invisible Truths page.
  2. Entire the six keycodes above.
  3. Go to the “Achievements” tab and select “Redeem” to claim the reward.
  4. Input the code into the Call of Duty Redeem page to unlock the free skin.

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