Looks like someone is getting divorced for choosing World of Warcraft and leaving his wife locked outside. Video games can be highly addictive, especially popular MMORPGs like World of Warcraft. However, there is a gamer who chose his raid-mates in Classic over his wife.

In a post titled “AITA For leaving my wife outside without keys while I played World of Warcraft?”  and flagged Asshole in Reddit, a guy named u/ThrowawayWoWFoodMan shared with the rest of the community, how his addiction to World of Warcraft led to leaving his wife locked outside until the raid fight was complete. Everything began when the couple ordered delivery during the husband’s raid time. Their apartment apparently does not have a buzzer and you have to go downstairs in order to open the door to the building. In addition the apartment’s door closes and locks automatically when someone leaves the house.

When the food arrived, wife went downstairs to pay the delivery man, forgetting to get her keys in the process. Unfortunately, her husband ignored her doorbell ring for about five minutes leaving her in the vestibule with no way back into the apartment. Reddit immediately shamed him, branded him as an Asshole and rushed to defend the poor woman. Thousand of Redditor roasted the young man stating that people like this should “seriously need to reevaluate their priorities.”  and that “Treating a damn game better than your wife.” is sick. No matter how addicted you are to a video game, it is unacceptable to choose it over your family and friends.

We have embedded the full post below, in case that you’ve missed it.

AITA For leaving my wife outside without keys while I played World of Warcraft? from AmItheAsshole

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