After the huge success of God of War back in 2018, a sequel to our favorite god-killer is guaranteed. In this article we have gathered all the hints and information that we have for God of War 2, coming from official statements or from the in-game story. We will update the article as soon as we find more information.

The director of God of War 4, Cory Barlog, responds to rumors about a new God of War game.

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[Original Post – 28/6/2020]

Official Hints

1) April’s 2019 PS4 theme

Back in April 2019, a new dynamic theme appeared on PS4 to celebrate the anniversary of the God of War reboot. The theme showed Kratos along with his son, Atreus inside a boat. However the theme contained a secret message. In the side of the boat you can see some runes that translate into “Ragnarok is coming” This could be a hint that God of War 2 will continue in Scandinavia and will focus on Ragnarok, the Nordic version of the Apocalypse.

2) Job Listing

Recently, Sony Santa Monica filled a job listing for a Senior Combat Designer that  “must have knowledge of God of War (2018) and be able to speak in-depth about the combat systems, mechanics and enemies” and a Facial Blend Shape Character Artist in whom “next-gen video game platform experience is desirable”. In addition they were also a Senior Gameplay Animator “to help us push the boundaries of action and combat movement and set the bar for gameplay feel on the PS4”.

3) Cory Barlog

God’s of War director, Cory Barlog, had said there were originally plans for DLC for the 2018 reboot, but said they were halted for being “too ambitious”. That means the studio can invest resources into an entirely new game as opposed to post-launch content. In addition he also stated in the past that five God of War games are already planned out and suggested a future instalment could explore Kratos’ meeting with his wife, Faye, whose funeral set in motion the chain of events that made up God of War.  “I don’t know how we’re going tell this or when we’re going to tell this, but I really want to tell the story of Kratos and Faye meeting,” Barlog said.

In-Game Hints

1) Faye

Everybody who finished God of War knows that in the end Kratos and Atreus discover that Faye, Atreus’ mother, was actually a giant named Laufey making Atreus half god and half giant. Atreus’ name is Loki, the trickster god of the Norse mythology who has stealth and shapeshifting abilities. The developers can make several God of War titles set in Scandinavia after that huge reveal. Maybe a version of an adult Atreus or a prequel with more info about Kratos’ past in the north.

2) Fimbulwinter

In the end of God of War we are also told that Fimbulwinter is coming.  In Norse mythology, Fimbulwinter, is the immediate prelude to the events of Ragnarök. It means “great winter.” This could mean that the next title will not feature Ragnarok yet but the three years winter that proceeds it.

3) Thor

There’s a second ending when you return home and, there, Thor appears ‘several years later’. It’s a brief tease, ending after Kratos asks him what he wants. It could be that Thor wants revenge for that whole Kratos ‘killing his sons’ thing, or, he might want his help stopping Ragnarok. God of War 2 could have Thor as a main antagonist or as an important NPC.

Release Date

Keep in mind that all these hints are not official and the company hasn’t yet confirmed a God of War 2 but we expect that a sequel won’t release until after the “Holiday 2020” release of the PS5, unless it releases as a launch title for the next-generation console. I don’t believe we will see a God of War 2 until 2022. The only sure thing is that this title will be coming to Sony’s PlayStation 5, probably as an exclusive.

[UPDATE 1 – 16/9/2020] The director of God of War 4, Cory Barlog, has changed his Twitter profile image and background before the PS5 event, probably teasing an upcoming God of War title.

Cory is known for changing his pictures, avatar and bio in many clever ways to cause hype to the PlayStation fanbase. However, many times, he releases some unseen photos or details about an upcoming title as well. God of War was released back in 2018, so I find it highly possible that we might see a teaser today. Of course, the last game took four years to develop so don’t expect a new God of War title anytime soon. In the past, Cory has also mentioned that there were plans for a God of War DLC but  they were scrapped for being “too ambitious.” We will update the article as soon as we have more information.

[UPDATE 2 – 6/10/2020] Cory Barlog responds to rumors about a new God of War game.

After the recent changes of Cory Barlog’s social media location to “deep space”, many fans of the franchise began believing that Kratos is probably heading to space. However, it looks like there is now way that the next God of War will be set in space. Barlog retweeted the article with the rumors with a straightforward “He’s not”.

Unfortunately, the only official hint that we have about the upcoming God of War game is the “Ragnarok is Coming” message.

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