The PS5, Xbox Series X and PC versions of GTA V Online will have some bonus exclusive content.

According to Rockstar, GTA V will be split into two games in the next-gen platforms. The first game will be the single-player version of the GTA V that we love and the second will be a standalone version of GTA Online. These versions will be available around Q3 – Q4 of 2021, some months after the launch (hopefully) of PS5 and Xbox Series X.

During the latest financial earnings call for Take Two, Rockstar’s parent company, the company said that the next generation version of GTA Online will have “additional content exclusive to the new consoles and PC.” We don’t have any more details about the bonus content but, again, this is another example of Rockstar’s support for GTA V. Keep in mind that when Red Dead Online receives only one update per year, fans will get pretty frustrated over this.

The PS5 – Xbox Series X versions of Grand Theft Auto V will feature many technical and graphical improvements, performance enhancements, bug removals and many more. Take-Two president Karl Slatoff said that the improvements will include making a “more responsive” version of the game. If you have a PS Plus subscription you will also win 1 million in-game dollars each month until the launch of the title in the next-gen consoles. GTA V Online will be free on PS5 for the first three months. After that interval you will need a paid subscription in order to continue.

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