Some days ago, Sony hosted an online event called the Future of Gaming where they gave us some bonus information about their console and announced some of the upcoming PS5 games. One of these games will be a sequel to the Hitman franchise, Hitman 3. The new title will feature six new locations and the developers have revealed the first one. The first map, Dubai, will focus on a building that appears to be the Burj Khalifa.

Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world at the moment, it is 2717 ft – 828m tall with 163 floors. Unfortunately, Burj Khalifa is not mentioned in IO’s announcement or in the trailer, so the developers will probably use a part of the building or a fictional building inspired by Burj Khalifa. This enormous building was also the place where Tom Cruise famously scaled the outside of in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.

In the trailer you can also see the Cayan Tower, another really tall building, standing at 1005ft. Looks like Agent 47 will have to do some “high altitude” assassinations. Our favorite assassin is shown scaling the outside of the building as well as several rooms inside of it, but it’s unclear how many floors you’ll be able to explore, or whether you’ll be able to enter from the ground floor or visit outside the building. We find it highly unlikely that all 100+ floors will be recreated in the game.

The company promised to release a Hitman 3 gameplay trailer (probably for Dubai) as well really soon, so fingers crossed about it.  Hitman 3 will arrive with the PS5’s launch,  but it’s also coming to PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. Dubai is only the first of the six new locations of Hitman 3, so stay tuned as we will update this article as soon as new information is revealed.

All previous maps from Hitman and Hitman 2 will also be playable if you own those games. As with previous games, we expect that each of the six maps will take Agent 47 to a different country, and the game won’t be episodic, so expect all six maps to be available at launch.

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Foivos Karkanis

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