Hitman is a stealth video game developed by IO Interactive. The game was published by Square Enix for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in an episodic format, starting in March 2016. Ports for Linux and macOS, developed and published by Feral Interactive, were released in February 2017 and June 2017 respectively. It is the sixth entry in the Hitman series. The game’s prologue acts as a prequel to Hitman: Codename 47, while the main game takes place six years after the events of Hitman: Absolution.

The Complete First Season was released in January 2017 with all prior content included, except for past Elusive Targets and the PlayStation 4-exclusive Sarajevo Six. Following IO Interactive’s management buyout from Square Enix in 2017, IO Interactive took over digital publishing, while Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment was contracted for retail distribution.


In 1999, a man who goes by the alias 47 is initiated into the International Contract Agency, demonstrating exceptional aptitude as an assassin. However, the ICA is unable to verify his background or uncover any information about him. Uncomfortable with having no leverage over 47, the ICA training director, Erich Soders, arranges for 47 to fail his final test despite passing all of the other tests flawlessly. 47’s handler and fellow trainee, Diana Burnwood, discovers this plot and helps 47 to pass the test against Soders’ order of having him do it alone. Soders reluctantly approves agent status for 47 and assigns Diana as his handler. The events of 47’s subsequent career are then shown as a montage of assassinations from the previous games in the series.

In 2019, the shadow client performs an assassination for Viktor Novikov, one of the heads of the international spy ring IAGO, and receives a copy of all of IAGO’s gathered intelligence as payment. The shadow client proceeds to use the IAGO files to identify Providence’s secret operations. To cover his tracks, the shadow client anonymously discloses to MI6 an impending IAGO auction of an MI6 NOC list, to take place at a fashion show by Novikov’s designer label Sanguine.[24] In Episode 1, “The Showstopper”, MI6 hires 47 to prevent the sale by assassinating both IAGO ringleaders, Novikov and Dalia Margolis, at the fashion show in Paris, France.


This Hitman game comes with a campaign of 6 main missions for Agent 47 to complete. The objective is always the same: Eliminate your targets in the best possible way and escape. There are multiple ways to assassinate your enemies varying from shooting them at point-blank range without a silencer to poisoning their drinks in order to make it look like an accident. Each mission is staged in a different country and place (Paris, Sapienza, Marrakesh, Bangkok, Colorado and Hokkaido) and has it’s very own unique environment, architecture and culture based on the country. Always be aware that your surroundings will greatly affect the way you carry the assassination.

Hitman: The Complete First Season full version also contains the Patient Zero campaign DLC. This campaign constis of 4 missions and it features a doomsday cult named Liberation. This evil council masquerades itself as a self-help group and is organising an exhibition in the Himmapan hotel in Bangkok, Thailand, planning to release a bio-weapon attack in the city. Agent 47 receives contract from a reclusive billionaire codenamed “Locksley” to eliminate Oybek Nabazov, leader of the cult, and Sister Yulduz, his second-in-command. Although the main story is very good from a gameplay perspective, I find the DLC to be pretty boring and it’s missions kinda sketchy.

Your basic weapons are your silent Fibre Wire, a Syringe and a wide variety of guns ranging from Pistols to Assault Rifles. The noise you make and therefore the suspicion you raise, will heavily depend on the weapons you choose. If, for example, you are a master assassin and prefer a more stealthy approach, the Coin, the Knife, the Syringe and the Wire will be your best friends. Keep in mind that you must always dispose of the bodies you leave in public spaces because a dead or unconscious body will raise unwanted suspicion and cause an alarm, decreasing your final score and making the mission harder. If you find yourself stuck in a mission you can always look around for clues or try to force your way in like Conan.

Finally, as we mention in every Hitman game, the most important part of this franchise are the disguises. In many missions you will encounter some special well-protected areas that you can’t enter with your standard outfit. In order to have access to these places you need to find or steal a suit that will let you infiltrate the room unnoticed. If you force your way in with a non appropriate uniform, you will instantly aggro all the hostile guards around you. In Hitman: The Complete First Season you will find countless disguises in every mission and you will have to use your critical thinking in order to decide what costume you need in order to enter a certain restricted place. Remember that changing disguises often lets Agent 47 navigate the level faster, reduces the alert level and, to be honest, makes you feel like a real hitman.

Graphics / Sound

The game is as realistic as a movie, with stunning graphics and amazing models for both the objects and the NPCs. Stages may be linear, like every Hitman game, but they are huge and they will give you the same feeling you have from an open world game. The soundtrack and the voice actors are decent, but nothing special. In and out of combat sound effects on the other hand are superb and will greatly enhance your Hitman’s experience.

Unique Features

Like every game in the Hitman franchise, the creation of IO Interactive gives you a unique assassin feeling, providing you with a bunchload of ways to eliminate your targets. In Hitman: The Complete First Season you will find more than ten ways to assassinate your enemies in every mission. If you venture carefully and explore each level, you will come across some clues that will give you valuable info about your targets and their social circle, unlocking more ways to achieve your hit.


The main story takes around 11 hours to complete, the main+extra 26 hours and the completionist 92 hours. There are no difficulty levels but you can replay the missions for better scores and you can try different ways of assassination. If you are hardcore enough, you can try some of the impossible achievements like not changing a disguise in the whole mission or using only non-lethal force.


  • Amazing graphics and places

  • Countless ways to complete the assassination and mission

  • Well designed stealth gameplay

  • Huge levels, full of NPCs with realistic reactions and interactions


  • Lack of missions

  • No significant Plot

  • Small room for replayability

Rating (7.9/10)

  • Plot: 7/10

  • Gameplay: 9/10

  • Graphics: 9/10

  • Sound: 8/10

  • Uniqueness: 8/10

  • Replayability: 6.5/10

Primary Version Tested: PC

Foivos Karkanis

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