We’ve written all the information that we managed to find online, in this article. We will keep it updated through the next months. This article will be covering everything regarding Horizon Forbidden West until its release date. If you have some bonus information or you find any inconsistencies be sure to let us know. Thanks for reading!

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Time Period

We believe that Horizon Forbidden West’s story begins around 26 years after the original game. In the trailer, Aloy mentions that it’s been a thousand years since the Old Ones fell. If we did the math correctly, Horizon Zero Dawn took place in year 3040 and the Old Ones fell in 2066. If Horizon Forbidden West takes you a thousand years after the end of humanity, it is probably set in 3066. Keep in mind that this is just an estimate.


Sylens is making a comeback, as everyone expected after the end of the original title. From what we know until now, he has some serious plans with HADES.


The new title of the franchise is a PlayStation exclusive for now. It is unclear if it will be released to PC later in the future. On its launch day, it will be available for PS4 and PS5.


At the moment, only the official release trailer is available. We have embeded the video below for you to watch.


Aloy will be the main protagonist. However, she is supposed to be 40 years old according to the time period, so something isn’t quite right here. Either we messed up the timeline or the company wasn’t clear enough.


Horizon Forbidden West will take place in a brand new area of the world that was not included in the original game. As shown in the trailer, this new expanse looks as beautiful as it is deadly. The title will also feature underwater exploration and probably an amazing underwater region.


Horizon Forbidden West will continue the original’s game tradition with the exotic robotic dinosaurs. In the trailer we can see some familiar enemies like the Scrapper and the Snapmaw. It’s highly likely that new enemies like big turtles and flying creatures will be added to the game but they will probably follow the robotic dino trend.


[UPDATE 1 – 11/7/2020] Sony and Guerilla have released the first soundtrack from Horizon’s Forbidden West reveal trailer.

The new soundtrack is called Promise of the West and it is written by the Dutch video game composer Joris de Man. The track is a dynamic mix of sounds that swells into a thumping, epic conclusion.

Release Date

The release date for Horizon Forbidden West is currently unknown.

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