The Kenly College Expedition is back.

Kenly College is a unique area in the game, added last year. It has three seperate wings, each with its own investigation that gives you access to newer areas deeper into the facilities. You can attempt them at any order, and all three will offer a different perspective on a story event that took place at the college. You can also try to achieve a record timed clear if your group is up for it. It’s one of the more interesting missions in The Division 2, as it allows players to take a non-linear path through it and it’s way different than the normal missions. If you complete all three, you’ll be rewarded with the Diamondback Exotic; a lever-action rifle with unique talents. Kenly College will be available for limited time, although we don’t know yet when it will become unaccessible.

You can read more about the game in our small review of The Division 2 and play together with us on PS4.

Foivos Karkanis

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