Season : February / March 2020

For that Season we have a heavy (and a bit RNG) deck for Team Battles.

Hero: Apep
Average Mana Cost :   7.5
Crafting Cost : 12.725 Shards


1) Ritual of Servitude x1 : The main card of the deck, can be used for great power-plays.
2) Bahra the Witchwolf x1 : One of the best 7 mana cards giving you the root option along with ranged AoE.
3) Beam of Doom! x1 : You need 4 spells with Thelec and its a pretty good card for single target burst or small AoE.
4) Dragon Pack x1 : Mediocre card, can be replaced. Mainly used for ninja-ing bridges from melee minions.
5) Harbringer x1: Effective flying minion that can turn the tide of the battle if your opponent can’t remove it.
6) Howling Moon x1: Very strong spell, can destroy the mirror matches and high HP minions like Ravager’s Brute, Milloween’s Turtles and Morellia’s Dragon.
7) Last Stand x1: You need 4 spells with Thelec and its decent if you have it on your starting hand.
8) Colossus x1: Classic high level card that can win you the game single-handedly if used right.
9) Lord Sentinel Thelec x2: Very strong card versus nearly everything, especially if you can keep your mana above 6 to enable the Mana Surge.


– Use this deck with Apep so you can get some low cost cards to deal with bridge control or small fights. Apep’s passive does not ruin the Ritual of Servitude.
– Be very careful on the first card you play. Let your teammate and your opponents to make the first move. When your enemies have all their mana, they can deal easilly with Thelec or Colossus.
– Ritual of Servitude is best used to add more pressure to an already cornered enemy.
– Last Stand is good for opening hand. Lose the bridges on purpose and then split the 7 leggionaires.
– It is better to split Thelec archers because they die to almost instantly to every AoE spell in the game.

Minion Masters is a free to play game by BetaDwarf Entertainment. If you are intrested about the game, you can read our small Minion Masters Review.

Foivos Karkanis

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