Season : March / April 2020

For that Season we have a fairly cheap defensive deck for Team Battles.

Hero: Morellia
Average Mana Cost :   4.1
Crafting Cost : 5.450 Shards


1) Propeller Scrats x1: A cheap way to steal the bridge from the enemy melee
2) Cursebearer x1: Decent health, decent damage and the Cursed debuff
3) Plasma Marines x1: Just a ranged minion. Can be replaced.
4) Fireball x1: You must have a Fireball in 90% of the decks.
5) Lightning Bolt x1: If you know how to use it, it can get rid of 8 to 10 mana minions with only 4 mana.
6) Morgrul the Swarmer King x1: Good AoE when you play it and when he dies.
7) Stun Lancers x1: A card for universal use, can stunlock kill nearly every melee in the game in 1vs1.
8) A.I.M Bot x1: Just a ranged minion. Can be replaced.
9) Defenso Chopper x1: Very strong tank, good versus every melee. Keep in mind that it kills flying melee units as well.
10) Howling Moon x1: A must have spell, can destroy high HP minions like Ravager’s Brute, Milloween’s Turtles and Morellia’s Dragon.


– Use this deck with Morellia so you can take advantage of her spells and Dragon to get to Mana Frenzy phase faster.
– This deck is made to counterplay and maintain bridge control in order to get to Mana Frenzy faster than your opponents.
– Don’t try to add too much pressure with that deck because, simply, you can’t. Be patient.
– Be very careful with the Lightning Bolt. It targets a RANDOM minion. Use it after you have taken care of the low mana enemy minions to maximize it’s value.
– Propeller Scrats can very effectively steal the bridge and possible kill an lone group of enemy melee units.

Minion Masters is a free to play game by BetaDwarf Entertainment. If you are intrested about the game, you can read our small Minion Masters Review.

Foivos Karkanis

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