Season : March / April 2020

For that Season we have a sniper deck with Zen-Chi synergy.

Hero: Stormbringer
Average Mana Cost :   4.6
Crafting Cost : 6.575 Shards


1) Banner Man x2: Will protect your snipers. If you are really good and want to get the max value out of this card you can wait for the Fireball / Chain Lightning animation from your opponent and then play Banner Man.
2) Xiao Long x1: Very versatile card and extremelly good here because the main way to remove a sniper is by the use of spells.
3) Zap Shrine x1: Synergizes well with Xiao Long and Chain Lightning for an instant stun.
4) Chain Lightning x1: I prefer Fireball but in that version of the deck Chain Lightning is better.
5) Sniper Squad x2: Main card of the deck, will win you the game if protected properly.
6) Styxi x1: The king of snipers, has one of the biggest attack ranges in the game. Dies instantly to Fireball though.
7) Beam of DOOM! x1: Very good removal especially versus big minions
8) Howling Moon x1: A must have spell even after the nerf, can destroy high HP minions like Ravager’s Brute, Milloween’s Turtles and Morellia’s Dragon. Always remember that with the new nerf, the 2 werewolves will now spawn next to your Master Tower.


– If you play Team and your premade has Stormbringer you can opt for Morellia.
– Banner Man + snipers combo requires at least 8 mana.
– If you have a dull hand like sniper / sniper / Xiao / spell you can play Xiao at the same time with the snipers because your opponents will most likely use spells to take care of the snipers.
– When playing defensively remember that you can spawn your snipers behind your Master Tower, where enemy minions will never target them.

Minion Masters is a free to play game by BetaDwarf Entertainment. If you are intrested about the game, you can read our small Minion Masters Review.

Foivos Karkanis

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