The popular modder JaceyS, created the Sexual Harassment Remover Mod in Morrowind that seeks to “remove and replace several instances of sexual harassment aimed at the player-character”.

In the previous weeks there was a huge problem with sexual harassment scandals in the gaming industry. Ubisoft and Twitch already took action in regards to sexual allegations inside the company. In addition, members of the Super Smash Bros Esports have revealed their experiences with players and commentators that involve pedophilia, rape, sexual harassment, and grooming. Today, someone in the modding community has identified this as a problem within games themselves – and has created a mod to help sexual abuse survivors enjoy Bethesda’s 2002 fantasy RPG Morrowind.

The mod changes multiple dialogue lines that include threats of sexual violence, renames items with sexist and inappropriate names and tones down some of the “bad” language. As an example, the Scroll of Manarape has been renamed to the Scroll of Manaleech, while Crassius Curio no longer asks the player to strip for him in return for sponsorship, instead handing the player a copy of his erotic play and asking for an opinion. The Dremora Anhaedra no longer threatens a sexualised form of violence against the player’s corpse, should you decide to taunt him.

In an interview at Eurogamer the modder stated that “I got the first inkling of this mod from a Discord conversation about how Morrowind would be received if it were released today. Some thought that the slavery depicted in the game would not fly, but I consider the game’s handling of that subject to be fairly good. What would cause outrage, I thought, was Crassius Curio, a character infamous for his sexual harassment of the player character, regardless of gender. Someone else made a mod to remove that line, but it was ham-fisted, and I am not sure it was actually done in good faith. In any case, the usual suspects showed up to complain, and I thought that I could do this better. I decided to go with the more descriptive, and less overtly political title of ‘Sexual Harassment Remover’, because I think the mod could actually be useful to a lot of people, and not just those who agree with me politically”

Thanks to the positive feedback she received, JaceyS has since added modular options so players can choose how sexual harassment is dealt with “ranging from complete removal, to reduction, to leaving it unchanged but with new options for player response”. “It is kind of silly that this mod, which was much less work than some of my others, has received a lot of votes for Mod of the Month,” JaceyS added. “But it’s a good thing it’s getting visibility, so it can find its way to those who would find it helpful.”

Yesterday, one of the most famous actors in the gaming industry, Noshir Dalal, stated that he is happy for his characters to inspire gay fan fiction. The actor is mostly known for his Charles and Sekiro role in Red Dead Redemption 2 and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice respectively. With all these news about sexual misconduct allegations lately, we are really happy to finally have some non-sexist news in the gaming stage.

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Foivos Karkanis

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